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  1. can progress be made??
  2. From the album: the quest for perfect skin

    trying to look a little prettier for the camera... also, since I took these pictures, I have gotten two new pimples on my forehead. they're not huge cyst-like ones, but definitely are somewhat painful and too deep to even THINK about popping. I guess i shouldnt pop any of them, but i still do. anyway, two zits. i put 10% BP on them last night and this morning, but they still feel as big as ever. bleh!
  3. From the album: the quest for perfect skin

    eek, i had just finished working out and washed my face so i still look like a greasy mess! oh well. i think some progress is being made! hurrah!
  4. thanks guys! This is my new favorite internet community and it really feels therapeutic to take pictures of myself without makeup on and to really see the damage of my skin. of course, this picture i have quite a BIT of makeup on, so this picture doesn't count....! anyway, thanks for the support!!! I will be adding week 3's pictures tomorrow...!
  5. I just finished my last microdermabrasion treatment yesterday. I had a series of 6 and it cost me about $470. Overall, not worth the money. Each session lasted 45 min to an hour and included a face steaming, the microderm (using the DiamondTome), a sulphur mask, and all sorts of lotions and eye creams. oh, and they even massaged my hands while the mask set! While I always felt really nice after my treatments, the soft glowy appearance goes away after 4-6 days.... I got the microderm for my
  6. I use Jane Iredale's loose powder. my dermatologist's office gave me a free makeover using ALL of her products, and the only thing I liked was the loose powder. I use the lightest shade (ivory something or other) and i use two brushes: one big brush to get a full layer on my entire face and then a small pointed brush to use more as a concealer. I get a small bit on the brush and dab it on my blemishes. what I really like about it is that it really gets rid of redness. since i have more acne
  7. From the album: the quest for perfect skin

    ahhh, and here's a less depressing picture of me with my makeup on. i miss the days that I could leave the house without any makeup on at all, but it's just impossible these days. I'm starting to take pictures of my makeup to see how I should do it for my wedding coming up in 6 weeks. hmm....
  8. From the album: the quest for perfect skin

    you can kind of see the side of my face in this picture. blehhh
  9. From the album: the quest for perfect skin

    a week later, I don't think I'm really making progress so far. my skin is a lot dryer, which I suppose should be expected only after one week. Weirdly, after I apply the BP, my eyes start to sting, but I never get it close to my eyes at all. I suppose applying so much on my forehead just irritates my eyes somehow. But, because of this my eyes look like an old lady's! they look kind of tired and blotchy and a bit wrinkly (since they're dry like the rest of my skin). hmm... i did get a
  10. im geting married on the last day in June, and this is a good time to try and get perfect skin-- although, i should have tried earlier...

    1. From the album: the quest for perfect skin

      as you can see, the rest of my skins not doin so bad. around my nose i tend to get whiteheads that i mess with that eventually flare up and turn into scabs that i pick like crazy. i used to have some scars on my cheeks that are finally starting to disappear. by the way, these pictures were taken after trying the REGIMIN for the first time, last night.
    2. From the album: the quest for perfect skin

      ok, so this is my first picture. May 10th, 2007. I have mild acne, mostly on my forehead, sometimes around my nose and hairlines (temples). Im trying to clear up my skin once and for all!!! my other goal is to STOP PICKING AT MY ZITS/SCABS. i have always been a picker, it's some sort of OCD thing, but i know its ruining my skin by leaving dark scars all over the place. this may be a good therapeautic way to try and rid myself of this bad habit and to help me get better face-cle