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  1. Congratulations! I hope everything is going good with your skin. I am sure you will look great on the day though.

  2. I just finished my last microdermabrasion treatment yesterday. I had a series of 6 and it cost me about $470. Overall, not worth the money. Each session lasted 45 min to an hour and included a face steaming, the microderm (using the DiamondTome), a sulphur mask, and all sorts of lotions and eye creams. oh, and they even massaged my hands while the mask set! While I always felt really nice after my treatments, the soft glowy appearance goes away after 4-6 days.... I got the microderm for my
  3. I use Jane Iredale's loose powder. my dermatologist's office gave me a free makeover using ALL of her products, and the only thing I liked was the loose powder. I use the lightest shade (ivory something or other) and i use two brushes: one big brush to get a full layer on my entire face and then a small pointed brush to use more as a concealer. I get a small bit on the brush and dab it on my blemishes. what I really like about it is that it really gets rid of redness. since i have more acne
  4. im geting married on the last day in June, and this is a good time to try and get perfect skin-- although, i should have tried earlier...