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  1. i will go with my neutrogena soap as im used to it and i bought yesterday a new effaclar H moisturizer the one that my doctor gave me but my pharmacist gave me wrong and its doing a great job since yesterday thanks for your help , i really appreciate it
  2. i asked about jojoba oil and its not available here, i will try avocado oil and 1 more question i have neutrogena face wash and this moisturizer+face wash should i buy another moisturizer and use it with neutrogena? or buy another moisturizer and use it with this moisturizer+face wash?
  3. exactly how i ve been doing this and my face is extremely dry , i will start using oil if thats the best of my moisturizer what is written on the back of my product: 'lather a small amount of product with water in the palm of your hand. Apply to your wet face, moving from center outwards, in single strokes. Rinse thoroughly and dry without rubbing.Avoid eye area..' and also on the front: 'DERMA-SOOTHING HYDRATING CLEANSING CREAM No soap - physiological pH' im wondering if that replaces my
  4. hello there, i searched on google to find the proper way of moisturizing and ive found different results some said that you need to apply to your wet skin after washing with a soap ( neutrogena in my case) and keep it there but on my moisturizer the guide says that you should apply to your wet skin after washing and then wash it off which one is the correct way ? what i used to do is to dry my skin after washing with soap and then apply the moisturizer and keep it there but now my skin is
  5. sorry for hearing its ur last post because of some guy, anyway really thanks for ur help and ur well-made answers
  6. i really appreciate how u are trying to pull me from the mistakes u made, the things u didnt know and i obviously dont know now, i live in lebanon, its near israel in case u dont know this country , many doesnt. my doctor gave me these: roaccutane 20mg (twice a day) aquagena soap (morning and night) hyseac 3-REGUL (morning) Erylic gel (night) EFFACLAR Hydrating cleansing cream (on need) sunscreen and any lip moisturizer are these okay? from what i understood i can use this m
  7. hello , here's my short story , tomorrow im starting accutane 20mg twice per day, my doctor told me to use Erylik gel (Erythromycin 4% - Tretinoin 0.025%) so my question is , isnt that going to dry my skin too? wouldn't it be too much ? thx in advance
  8. ye i didnt eat , i bought a bag of soy protein 51% protein im afraid of eating it so i probably won't eat it
  9. ah ok, so i need to test it because its the first time i eat these two thx
  10. Hello, its the first time i post here, idk if its the right section excuse me if its not so my question is does soy protein and oat crackers cause acne? can it trigger acne im eating a lot of veggies and trying to be on a diet that is good for acne thx in advance