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  1. I thought it hurt, but it's bearable. It's like loads of little snaps over your face (one at a time), each one feeling like an elastic band snapping against a bit of your face for a millisecond. I had my third IPL this week, and I can still hardly see any results... not even much on my freckles which should be easy to get rid of, never mind red marks... I also keep breaking out... ugh
  2. Do you mean your acne came back, and caused more red marks? Or the actual exact red marks you'd had before came back?
  3. I thought if they do work for getting rid of red marks then those marks will stay gone... but for things like freckles it's not permanent, they'll come back if you go in the sun. And obviously if you get more spots and marks after the treatment they will stay.
  4. Do you know if they used quite a high setting for you straight from the start Jess? Just wondering
  5. Is it ok to be on antibiotics for acne whilst having IPL treatments? If not why not? I don't think they affect the sensitivity of your skin do they? Or do some, if so which ones? I've had 2 IPLs so far and I broke out after the second. I'm not sure if it was caused by the treatment or because I had to come off Yasmin before I started the treatments, which might have been helping control my acne, and now it's starting to come back. Anyway, I was just thinking of asking the doctor for some and
  6. I've had 2 IPLs out of a course of five so far... for some red marks from spots, although they're not all that bad, and getting rid of freckles... all that happened after each one is a couple (and I mean, literally about 3) freckles have flaked off a few days after each. I'm hoping I'm going to see some sort of result after the 3rd at least otherwise it's looking like I've wasted a lot of money...!
  7. I looked in loads of supermarkets and places but couldn't find it anywhere in shops. However, I got some off this site: http://www.highernature.co.uk/ShowProductF...CFSdPEgodzCr36w which is UK based, it's £5.90 on here for quite a big bottle and delivery is free.
  8. I tried the Regimen using BP about a couple of years back, it helped getting rid of a few spots but the lingering red marks it left were not worth it. If you have pale, English skin or anything like it, I don't think BP should be used, and really there should be a warning somewhere stating this.
  9. I mean a fairly small, pustule type spot. If it turns to a scab then that falls off and a small mark is left, how long does it take for it to go just leaving it? (in your experience)
  10. I'm having a course of 5, I've had the first 2 already and they'll each be 3 to 4 weeks apart.
  11. I thought chemical peels weren't effective on darker skin, I'm sure I read that on websites of clinics that do them.
  12. I'm having it for red marks, but to be honest mine aren't very dark/big, and for getting rid of freckles mostly.
  13. What's the exact name of the good Vitamin E moisturiser from the Body Shop, and is that the one you're using?
  14. Two pretty much opposite opinions... anyone else have more experiences to offer? I think I know what you mean about the woman with the huge blistering on her chin - I looked it up on Google, it's on the net isn't it. lol. Things like that are what make me super paranoid. I've had one treatment so far, experienced no blistering or anything of the sort, however my skin looks pretty much exactly the same as before too.