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  1. I was just wondering if anyone else using Retin-A micro feels like their skin responds better to natural oil. After putting Retin-A on my skin will get a nice shine to it that feels healthy and my breakouts are definitely less. I use Retin-A every other day and bp on off days. Sometimes if I feel pimples forming (all my pimples are hormonal) I do just bp for a few days then go back to Retin-A. I'm pretty clear right now, not perfect but better than before. I've read a lot about peeling from Reti
  2. I use them a day apart, so every other day bp all day and the next day retin-a all day. I asked my derm (and I say this knowing lots of people on here don't trust their derms, I'm think mine is so-so) if using them both was ok because I had read on this message board that they cancel each other out. He said using bp is like using soap, its a pretty weak cure. I'm assuming he meant a little bp here and there not like Dan's regimine with the super blast of bp. Point being, Retin-A helps peel off t
  3. I've been on desogen for a while, no luck with its effects on acne. Sorry for the bad news!
  4. A story about salt water: I just had my wisdom teeth out and I've been washing my mouth out with 8 ounces of water mixed with 1/4 teaspoon of just regular table salt. I've also been wiping off my face with it instead of washing and it feels great. My skin feels smoother and not as dry and peeling as it does when I wash with any other types of soap, which is weird because you would think salt water would dry it out more. I like it so far.
  5. Hey Everyone, I've found that lack of sleep and stress directly contribute to me looking pretty gross. This summer I was almost completely clear and now at the end of first semester I'm not looking so hot. Four exams last week have left me with huge cysts. . . not fun. I'm about to crawl into a mask like this guy --> What do you guys do to combat the effects of stress/no sleep on your skin? Any good ideas or things I could try? Thanks.
  6. Hi Everyone, I think a lot of people have the same problem I do after using the bp gel for a while - red, flaky icky skin. I found that mixing bp with aloe gel and then putting it on my skin prevents breakouts, keeps the medicine on my skin without too much irritation and prevents my face from looking like a tomato! :redface2: I just mix the two in my hand right before I put it on my face. If your face is really hurting try putting the aloe gel in the fridge before you put it on. Hopefully this
  7. Sorry for the long time for this reply, its been exam time around here! cmt - sorry, I'm pretty inept and don't know how to see a pm. Things started clearing up within a week or two. I still have occasional problems but it seems to be when I'm eating wrong (not enough fruits, vegtables, water, no multivitamin) or not sleeping enough. I would say I've had a 85% improvement overall. Skin_Obsession - I've also read about the lactose intolerance connection and wondered if that could have bee
  8. My roommate swears that taking a 400mg vitamin E every morning makes her skin less prone to breaking out and give her an overall better looking complexion. I don't think she ever had serious problems in the first place, but has anyone else had this experience? What multivitamins or other suppliments have helped you?
  9. Your regimin sounds really interesting, I'm anxious to hear how it works out for you! I've noticed that at least for me bad food = breakouts. I've stuck to what most people would consider a vegetarian diet for the last couple months, occiasionally I'll eat baked fish. For protein I'll eat a few hard boiled eggs throughout the day along with a lot of trail mix for snacks. Its not as sad and restrictive as it sounds! I've been eating this way for a while and barring some bad food choices over the
  10. Hi all, I've posted this before (sorry to repeat readers) but wanted to post again in the new forum because a simple diet change made such DRASTIC difference in my skin and I hope I can help others. I haven't changed anything else that was part of my lifestyle except completely eliminating diary products from my diet. I used to get gross, cystic ance that would get red and puff up above the surface of my skin. They were painful and swollen and just not fun at all. I used to drink milk like m
  11. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share a recent experience in the hope that it might help others out. Milk has always been one of my favorite foods. I used to literally drink at least six glasses of milk a day, and whole milk at that. As many do in college, I started to put on a little weight, so I decided to cut back on fatty foods, especially the milk. I started drinking water and fruit juice with every meal. WOW. After three weeks of barely any milk, I have no active cysts/yucky red zits/