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  1. thanks bluemorpho/tabula! as i was browsing i found this have had four Fraxel Laser treatments for the face. I have had a number of other treatments before including dermabrasion, fillers (temporary), chemical peels, Coolbeam and scar "improving" lotions. I was disappointed with all of them, though they had some affect (except the lotion). Fraxel is probably the best treatment I have had and cost about a $1000 per treatment. But I have about a 40% improvement in my scars which are of the "rol
  2. those levels sound to me like they are for a fraxel 1 (750) machine -- or else they are RIDICULOUSLY low for fraxel 2 and she doesn't know what she is talking about! the levels actually sound like they are low for a fraxel 1 -- people were starting around 12 and working up to around 20 or higher, i believe. when i went to a doc for consult on fraxel 1 and she said she was only comfortable with level 8, i decided she was not the practitioner for me. scar improvement requires more aggressive t
  3. oto123


    does the discolouration from a tca cross ever go back to looking like normal looking skin? what about a scar that is completely raised to surface from tca cross will the shadow and discolour disapear eventualy so you can hardly tell that the scar was there or that you did the tca cross as well? thank you in advacne.
  4. hi i went for a fraxel2 consultation today and the nurse told me that she is going to start at 9MJ and work up to 15MJ over 5 treatments going over 4 passes maximum. Does this seem right to you? She almost laughed when i asked can she go higher and that this is extremely powerful but i have read people are going up to 70MJ. Alsoo she will not spot treat scarred areas in order to keep the skin blended in she said and avoid uneven skin tone. I dojn't want to pay so much money to not see results
  5. i thought cortisone not do anything for silicone? i read this on a site by dr julio garcia. sorry i have no answers for you i wish you luck though
  6. yes they resulted from the acne but they look like short but deep wrinkles and one of them had very little ice pick at both ends when you strecthed the skin you can see these. i tried to tca cross them and the wrinkle inside but it does not appear to have worked can subscision help any scar other than rolling scars? i am going to have it anyway it is worth a shot maybe i will get some results
  7. sorry i have searched the forum and read the topics it just seems that nobody ever mentions what types of scars they had other than normally rolling. please please can anyone shed some light, if subcision has any effect on shallow or deep boxcar scars where you have ridges/edges rather than just rolling scars? and line scars or wrinkles too? i don't want this doctor to perform it on me if it is going to not help he wants a lot of money for it. i have no rolling scars at all. thankyou for any
  8. can subcision have success on shallow or deep boxcar scars? and can it help wrinkles too? i saw a website that uses it for wrinkles i did not know this was possible. i know it is genrally best for rolling but has anyone had sucess with it on shallow/deep boxcars? i know a person who said it helped their ise picks but i do not know of anyone else who has reported this so i do not expect it to help those.
  9. i am wanting silicone micro droplet in some deep boxcars/wrinkle does anybody know if i can have subcision and saline injections performed in the same area after the silicone to get even better results? thank you for any responses.
  10. i have just found out some information that silicone oil can be used alone or in conjunction with other facial procedures such as laser, peels and facial surgery so i think this means i can have it done inbetween getting my fraxel treatments. (i will post fraxel results when i see them for anybody that would be interested) what i would like to know is if i could have subcision and saline injections afterwards in the same area i have had silicone injected? any ideas please anybody? as well as b
  11. sorry there is a lot of qeustions here. i am getting fraxel done but i have deep scars i understand this will not do anything for them so i want to have subcision and saline injections but i also want to have micro droplet silicone so i would like to know can i have both the saline and silicone in my face at the same time? or can i only have one done ever? and does one particular one have to be done after the other? also can i havethem done at the same time as having the fraxel done or must i wa