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  1. Well, gettin back to topic, I hope you can overcome everything you are going through. I know it sounds cliche, but things do get better, and sometimes it has to come from within. Sit down, by yourself and consider what you can do to improve your reality. Take up a sport? A support group? Join a specific group with people who are going through similiar problems as you. I remember when I was struggling with life and sexuality, I joined a gay group and it completely helped me through my tough times
  2. hey. Just wanted to stop by and say hi!

  3. That movie was freaken awesome. Really cheesy but awesome nontheless. Optimus Prime rocked the house!
  4. I, myself know that I am very openminded and outgoing. My acne has not stopped me from being the fun loving, out there person that I am. But I am a sexual person and I find myself afraid to be intimate with people because I am afraid of how they are going to react to my body acne. I am afraid to wear certain things to the beach because of my back acne. It's embarrasing when people are staring at you and you can't explain to each person why your skin looks that. I have my self confidence, but I w
  5. Shooting pains? Never had that before. I've only had like really bad pains when I attempt to pop my pimples. A trip to the dermotologist should be good.
  6. I have severe acne on my back so let's see if this vinegar will help. I'll keep ya posted!
  7. I would also like to see more pictures of back acne and scarring because I believe i have veryyy severe back acne.
  8. I've been a vegetarian (no meat, no fish, no eggs) for about a year and a half now. My acne has improved a taddd on my face but it seems the rest of my body has not been spared. -cindy
  9. I remember I was in the 4th grade with acne! I never cared too much about it, my mom was always the one that made a big fuss. But there was one day this kid I used to like came up to me and said "What's that all over your face? You got chicken pox?" I still remember to this day how bad it made me feel. But usually no one makes fun of my acne now cause it's not that bad except this stupid ass lady who was trying to get me to sign up for her insurance and she was like "Ya know, you need insurance