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  1. People will know me from last year. I want to update you all, and I hope I am not banned from posting something positive. I do not work for this company. I just want to provide information for those of you interested in another option. I've used the products over a year now and I've gotten good results for my minor scarring. As far as whether it will work the same for you depends on a lot of factors: 1. Your biochemical makeup, your skin type, current skin condition, age of scars, diet an
  2. Anybody who has suffered damage from Thermage should file an adverse report to the FDA. There are 78 on file as of today from 2003-4. Maybe if more people report this, they will recall these devices or limit their use. Go to the FDA home page to submit a complaint about the product. http://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh...0&Key_Count=151
  3. I had IPL done in conjunction with Cooltouch treatment a couple years back. I didn't have any problems with the Cooltouch, but the IPL was a different story. I have the typical asian skin, very sensitive to hyperpigmentation. The technician, not a doctor, did the IPL treatment. She set it too high and I had burn marks over my forehead and sides of both cheeks. They turned brown over the course of the week. I was so frightened that I would be permanently scarred. Fortunately, the brown ca
  4. Hi Everybody, Just got a email from Richard Huber. I told him about the negativity going on the boards. His note answers the questions we have as to why this product isn't widely advertised or marketed even though it works so well. Richard didn't ask me to post this note publicly, but I don't think he would mind. It has information that would be helpful to 302 users and study participants: This is Richard's email to me today: Hi Nancy! Thanks for writing. I haven’t read much of
  5. Sorry, I don't agree. Richard Huber has better things to do than to "defend" himself against the unfounded, vicious attacks of people who haven't tried his products. They would like to see a fight, so let's don't encourage one to get started. Take the higher road, ignore them. It doesn't matter because we know it works and can see through the negativity. Nothing anybody says (especially us "shills" LOL) will convince them otherwise. Just use the "ignore user" function. Maybe we can star