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  1. uhhhh dude question...if accutane worked for u b4 why have u stopped talkin it?
  2. ey, question- why dont u just go on accutane
  3. oh tru shit. Any improvements so far? and what do they check in the bloodtest
  4. Yo man wat up u an ozzy? if so, do u got to go and do bloodtests?
  5. Ey ey wat up, just wondering where u bought ur Cetaphil Sensitive Skin wash from? and how much it set ya back? Hit me bak
  6. OK....its been a while since this guy has posted his regimen. now i have a question HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY ELSE ACHIEVED CLEAR SKIN THROUGH AFTER TRYING THIE REGIMEN?
  7. ey girl whats up, i gotta agree wit ya aye. Sea water really works. Ive noticed it a few times in da past after beaching it. I got no doubts it will work for ya. do u moisturise or anything? Hit me bak.