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  1. Thank you! Hope yours gets better too
  2. It's been just over a month and a half on Accutane. I'm on 40mg once daily. My skin had an initial breakout when I first started that was really bad but only lasted about a week. Once my skin healed from that it was nearly flawless besides scarring and hyperpigmentation. Then once again my skin broke out last week, assumably from my period, and it's slowly starting to heal up now. I've also gotten a few closed comedones (?) their like little headless pimples on my cheeks. They aren't too bad but
  3. I would suggest that you try Epiduo to begin with. It has an antibiotic, which fiunctions to kill bacteria thus reducing acne. Benzoyl peroxide (the antibiotic in Epiduo) is also a bleaching agent which will help fade scars. But Epiduo is particualrily for treating acne, it won't reduce scarring as much as Retin-A would because it doesn't contain a retinoid. I've used both, and I honestly didn't prefer either of them. I think you would have luck with Biacna which contains a retinoid and an antib
  4. I started on 0.05% of Retin-A and then after a few months I tried 0.1% Stevia-A. I found my skin was much mre sensitive on the 0.1% as it peels a lot more, epecially in the beginning. I didn't end up having success with either. I found Biacna (clindamycin + retinoid combo) worked MUCH better. I believe it had 0.05% retinoid in it. In the end, neither completely cleared my mild/ moderate acne. I'm now on accutane after trying countless topicals as none truly worked. I also used aczone which I fou
  5. A month closer to clear skin!!! I got through the initial breakout, it only lasted about a week. Though I got some leftover hyperpigmentation and scars that are still red but at least flat! My skin is much less oily and my hair is too. I just use water to rinse my face in the morning followed by a ph balancing toner and soothing moisturizer. I have a cyst on my upper lip that came up a few days ago. I'm using all my willpower to just leave it alone because it's really irritating! I also broke ou
  6. I've taken into consideration the risks, as everyone, and the pros outweighed the cons for me. Acne is more than appearance, it affects you mentally and physically. It is is worth it to me, even considering the harsh side effects Thank it sososo much, VERY helpful. I had read that accutane was fat soluble. I'm actually pescetarian and dairy free. I eat very healthy and I train religiously at the gym as I am competing next a fitness competition in the future. I take my vitamins/minerals (minu
  7. Just gotta remember it'll be worth it
  8. Although I do too prefer natural and holistic treatments rather than medications but often they aren't strong enough to overcome the problem. If your acne is mild, then you won't need to worry about relying on antibiotics as your skin should clear up before you become irresponsive/ immune to the medication. The antibiotic is to help kill bacteria in your body and reduce inflammation. I'd suggest to continue with the minocycline and also try the acv and probiotics which will help replenish any go
  9. Sounds like it's either a cyst or a module that hasn't fully developed. It's just inflamed from you poking at it and it'd be best if you left it alone because form LOTS of personal experience I've realized picking at cysts is a huge mistake. Apply a topical like benzoyl peroxide or a topical antibiotic to help clear it up. Take ibuprofen to help with the swelling. Other than that, you pretty much just have to let it run its course!! An ice compress could help to temporarily take down the redness
  10. What a lot of people fail to realize is that acne is a disease that's diagnosed by a doctor! There's a large difference between breakouts/ pimples and having acne. It doesn't appear that you have acne, it more so looks like a breakout. I would recommend you use either some benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Make sure to use a gentle cleanser (morning/ night) along with a non-comedogenic moisturizer. Also sunscreen in the am to protect your skin from UV Rays which can darken scars/hyperpigmentat
  11. Thank you!! Helpful information, hope it goes well for you the second time around.
  12. I started accutane last week and my skin has gotten the initial breakout. Does anyone have any tips to overcoming it? Or Accutane tips in general? I want it all to go as smoothly as possible and I really appreciate everyone's knowledge and experience. I haven't experienced much dryness but in well prepared and in anticipation. My skin is very oily still and hasn't slowed yet.
  13. Thank you!! My skin is extremely oily so I bet that's playing a role, I'm definitely trying to stay on top it!!
  14. 5 days in and I got what I honk is the initial break out. I got 2 cysts on my hairline and a few nodules across my forehead. I haven't broken out on my cheeks or chin, at least not yet! I'm just leaving them alone, I've applied some aczone at night to keep redness down. My skin isn't dry yet and neither are my lips. I've been applying Burt's Bees chapstick and Vaseline religiously to prevent the dryness from coming on. My skin is still pretty oily. I'm on 20mg day for the first 2 weeks and then