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  1. Not sure what it was but it went away. This skin problem comes and goes. When i start using Selsun Blue shampoo for a few days this redness goes away. I googled this and this looks like another skin problem i have on my upper back. They are red flat spots and they itch especially at night.
  2. Here are some pics i took today, i noticed these spots developing this week, 1st it felt like a itchy sensation and a tiny bit of burning when i wash my face and now today i awoke with the red spots or greyish looking.
  3. nah it doesnt work. i tried this and it does nothing. but it did make my face feel fresh. i bought this product at CVS here in NYC.
  4. umm i dont think that is causing you to get pores. I have very small pores on my nose but it doesnt really bother me. I can only see them when i look at face in the mirror. i have some small blackheads as well.
  5. i have small blackheads on my nose but you can only see them when you really get close to face. evertime i take a shower they seem to disappear but after a few hours i see those little things.
  6. Dont Worry if you keep using Acne TreatMents it could go away...Well my Face doesnt have Acne but i have little pore openings on my nose and the sides of my nose and i see little blackheads too but its not bad i just wish i had a Perfect Nose.....I think i have some kind of Acne but on My Face Cheeks i have very small little bumps but i have about 3-4 on each of my face cheeks but isnt that just because when you Shave and after you get little bumps....Well by the way Im 17 years Old...
  7. Looks like you only have little Pore Openings but from what i can see i only see little Hairs when you Shave...But Overall your Skin is not bad....
  8. Hello its been like two months and nobody answers...i need some help..plz
  9. Ive been using Clearasil to remove some of my little blackheads since thursday and i think i see a little difference but i still need to use it for a longer time......maybe months