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  1. ok, so my parents allowed me to purchase something from the web. I was going to get the starter kit but as i tried i noticed i needed a zip or postal code. The problem is, my parents dont know the postal code of our house since we dont ever get mail. How can i solve this problem since i dont know my postal code/zip code. if its any help i live in Guatemala at the moment.
  2. Wow, i LOVE your username

  3. but doesnt bp irritate the skin aswell... this doesnt make much sense>,<
  4. wait u said i should shave before the dkr, but do i get irritaded?
  5. well. i was watching the dkr vids over and over again. well i wasnt sure if i should wait roughly 5 minutes before i apply the moisturizer after the bp also, if you shave, do u skip the applying the bp on the shaved area or what help!!
  6. okie dokes, i just cant stand the sight of a white bubble on ma cheek
  7. well ive been on the dkr for 3 days now and i just got this huge white head. Well its tempting to pop it and all so i was thinkin about it. I have some questions. should i pop it? if i do will it scar? what do u do when u get pimples during the dkr? what would happen if i dont pop it ?
  8. so thats a no to the towel or rinsing with water huh?
  9. well, at the moment its only ma lip area, and is it okay if i use a towel to wipe the oilyness off?
  10. Wel i jsut started the DKR with [on-the-spot] just 3 days ago. Well i have been patient and im going to try it for 3 months or so and even order the DKR stuff. well sincei just started i have been burning alot! like the area on my lips burn soo much i have to rinse it once. Another problem is that around 5 PM (at 8-9 AM i apply the onthespot and the moisturizer) i get so oily i feel my nose is dripping with oil. Well if someone could be nice to read this and post tips and things i should do at t
  11. ok i have started using the moisturizer but i have a few questions about it. If i apply retin A (0.025%) and then the moisturizer would that have any effect? Does moisturizer help on retin A users?
  12. i was jujst wondering about it. snce someone told me that if i didnt wash it off well ma acne would aggraviate .
  13. thx , i wasnt sure since i always get breakouts when my skin is all oily
  14. yea.. so is it ok if i use it? cuz i thought it had oil so i wasnt going to risk myself another break out >,<. does it matter if it feels oily ?