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  1. So I recently started using the regimen AGAIN after quitting for the first time since I started with too much and the dryness wouldn't stop. I am currently flaking A LOT and I really don't know what to do. My face gets red and the moisturizer doesn't help with neither the redness or the flakes. I los noticed that my skin is a bit puffy. Am I allergic to the BP? What are some alternatives? PLEASE REPLY SOON BEFORE I BUY ANOTHER MONTH SUPPLY + if you want to read my past experience go on my profil
  2. Okay so a while ago I posted about having flaky skin and it has NOT went away. It only improved a little bit. The actual reason for this post is that I am thinking of restarting the regimen! I am STILL breaking out and it is my 4.5 month using it! I did start with a lot but it was because a pea size just wasn't enough to cover my whole face. I have tried switching moisturizers so the flakyness could stop, but it has not. So, I have a goal of no flakes and almost clear skin before July! I want to
  3. When do I use the micellar water? Before or after using the Acne.org cleanser? Also, which micellar water do you use?
  4. Did you wash your face before putting on the lotion and scrubbing your face?
  5. Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look into my problem! So, I have been on the regimen for 12 weeks and I am not so happy. I am STILL breaking out, but only on my cheeks and casually on my forehead. I used to have up to about 5 pimples on my forehead, but now I barely have any!!! The problem is, I broke out recently on my cheeks and it used to be rare when I did. I currently have 4 pimples on my right cheek and they look gross! I do use 4mL of BP on my whole face. MY BIGGEST CONCERN IS th