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  1. Yay, I'm glad your facial was a good experience!
  2. I agree with Molly, try icing it to reduce any swelling/inflammation and keep it from getting red, etc. You could also take Tylenol or an anti-inflammatory medication like that, some people have said that helps. Good luck!
  3. Aw, I'm sorry Sephora. But I'm glad you'll get to go to a derm! I know many people on here despise derms, but I like going to them just because I know they've gone through countless eduation about skin and know a ton more than I do about acne. Good luck with everything, let us know how everything goes!
  4. I agree with Canadian Bacon, you should call her soon and ask her to hang out. Then throughout the whole time you two are hanging out and doing whatever just prove to her you've matured and you're not the same person you used to be through your actions. And maybe if you guys are talking and in the conversation the past comes up you could casually say something like, "Yeah, I've realized a lot since then and I think I've changed." or something. That might not have been much help, but good luck!
  5. I love it Foomph, it looks so great! And I'm sure your fiance will come around to loving it, too. Some people just need time to get used to things? It's verrrry pretty though, I'm jealous!
  6. I like boys with big lips, and I know a lot of my friends that are girls do also. So embrace your big lips and ignore those who comment about them. P.S. I think yours look particularly nice, .
  7. Did it also clear the acne on your face, or just on your body?
  8. Good luck Foomph! I really like that haircut, as well as your hair now, you're verrry pretty. Getting hairucts always gives me a big scare. But I'm sure it'll look great, and be sure to post pics afterwards!
  9. Thanks so much Heartless! I'm definately going to purchase this. Do you buy yours offline or can you buy it in stores? I have no problem buying it offline, but I'm wondering if any of my local stores would carry it just so I could get it sooner? I live in Omaha, Nebraska.
  10. Much more than the Marc Jacobs make-up bag I posted earlier, what I really want is clear skin. (As does everyone on this bored, haha.) But I've been using Differin for a little over a month and my skin's been getting worse. I know it's because you have to be patient with Differin and it takes at least two months (if not longer) to begin working but I'm breaking out in places I usually don't and my skin is much worse than when I started and it's really bringing me down. It's so frustrating to eve
  11. I have no idea..but I'm curious: Are you a male or female? How old are you? How tall are you? How much do you weigh? How much weight do you want to gain?
  12. Vicereine, and anyone else who uses aspirin masks, do you find that it helps with already existing blemishes at all? Does it help with redness, inflammation, etc? Also, do you apply it to your entire face or just to problem areas/areas that need exfoliation?
  13. Hi Romeo, since I stayed home sick today and I'm very bored, I'd be happy to answer all of your questions! Could you tell me if your dad and mom had acne when they were your age? My mom said she often got milia or closed comedones, similar to mine. My dad told me he also did, but I'm not sure if he was just trying to make me feel better about having it or not. My parents grew up in Europe and all of my family excluding my mom, dad, sister, and brother still live in Europe. Also, how old are