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  1. On cheeks. There is the most fat and in a cystic acne there comes the most deepest scars which are also most difficult to improve.
  2. Exacty! It depends on the type of the scar, mainly how deep the scar tissue goes in the skin. Shallow scaring does not go all the way to the fat tissue, so having more fat under the dermis may help to make the scar less noticeable. But deep scars will look worse because getting more fat in the area means the fat goes around the scar and fibrous tissues which is holding the skin indented, so it will go even more indented - the doughnut effect. Once again the effects and treatments are totally di
  3. noone


    Would/Could you have before- and after-photos of the area which was needled?
  4. For minor scarring that is probably true, for severe scarring - bullshit. And once again, so many fresh people here who worry about scars really just have red marks which can vanish by themselves in couple of years max.
  5. Well for me, when I had active acne, glycerin based moistruizers clogged the pores and made more pimples. Dermatologist recommended me to use moisturazer which had butylene glycol instead of glycerin in it. That one was much better and I continued using it also after the active acne went away and I continued to use Accutane. Also it shouldn't have any fragrance in it, maybe little cetearyl alcohol to make it antibacterial also.
  6. Ok, I believe you if you have seen both. What is the main difference between two?
  7. I voted no. I do feel often it should be divided. But I doubt it would work. Currently we continuously have people in this scar forum who really just have red marks and are just calling them scars. Already the red_marks vs scars forum separation doesn't seem to work perfectly either. It really takes several months to see if some red mark turns out to be really a scar. Some methods of fixing scars are even harmfull when the scar tissue is not fully mature yet. One cannot know the true shrinking
  8. Sounds like just a standard Nokor needle, which comes in different sizes. btw, when I had my 10 deepest scars graft operated almost a year ago, it took one hour 40 minutes effective operation time and the cost was about us$700.
  9. Little time scale in the question would be helpful. How long time from the red spot to the "scar"? Are the "scars" indented? Are the spots painfull (like in a cystic acne)?
  10. What if she really was going to say she is sorry for her reaction, but scars do not really bother her eventually that much it would kill her lust for you. You know, there are those wonders who still can see beyond scars. Maybe you should give her a second chance and not be so touchy. (If that above was all she said.) I have had also dozens of rejects, but also few one night stands and a couple short term sexual relationships. (Must admit, I had gone through 5-6 dermabrasions before I didn't l
  11. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=78115
  12. When you are on Accutane (Roaccutan), remember to use lots of moisturazer, preferrably that kind which doesn't have any glycerin in it, so it should be water based. Accutane for my experiences doesn't increase aging of the skin if you remember to keep it well moistured during the whole treatment. I think it even says in the instructions it is necessary because otherwise your skin will get too dry during the regime. Why your scars are only now going indented: It happened to me also. I had deep
  13. a small note, lots of "natural ingrediants" are poisons also, so it doesn't tell anything if something is from nature it would be harmful or useful
  14. Usually scar tissue is fully matured when it has color lighter than a normal skin surrounding it. For deep scars it can take couple of years. When it is red, it is still developing and for shallow ones it may not turn out to be a scar at all, but was/is just that "red mark".