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  1. meh, i dont care so much for facebook. its sad that something like this happened on it, but its not why i hate facebook(i just hate it because it makes others judge you socially). Unless she knew i was like excessively looking at her profile/pictures, and thought it was kind of uhm.. well why would anyone care anyway?(i dont think you can even know if others do so, and i only did so every...2nd to 3rd day at most?) But eh.. its just a shitty feeling, shes not even my girlfriend or anything, s
  2. was that odd to read? Well, believe it or not, ive become so used to feeling this way that it almost seems normal to me. what feeling? Its horrible. Its basically complete emptiness, a hollow feeling from the inside. Even though the last time i cried deeply and emotionally was over 10 years ago at least.. you know when you breathe real deeply and fast while crying? well i think that empty feeling is the same feeling. Well aside from just getting my first acne only about 4 months ago, having it
  3. just for reference... i looked at your gallery in your profile. Let me just tell you - your face looks quite amazing, and you look like you have absolutely no problems whatsoever with acne. Dont put yourself down, youre a very attractive young girl.
  4. I would feel more like a human if i had those things too, but nobody could deny to me at least that making me feel most human is having a sexual relationship too. Why? Humans are sexual creatures, it should not be denied from anyone. Much of my happiness and pleasure in life would be simply giving myself to a women, i want her to be happy with me as her "mate". Sounds stupid? It shouldnt. Everyone knows deep down that that would make them much more happy if they had it. Thats not to say spending
  5. We didnt pop out of nowhere, we evolved. I believe something created matter, or began time, THAT is something that doesnt sound like it can pop out of nowhere. I dont think there is a god that overlooks earth, but there is one that created the matter we are made of, and began time. Funny thing is, i still pray to whatever the hell god may or may not be, like i said - you have nothing to lose.
  6. Acne is probably one of the last things i could care about. Im going to be 100% honest here... let me say that again : 100% honest. These are the things i picture in my head as a perfect girl(for me obviously) in no partciular order : innocent, caring, simply normal weight, nice smile, short, funny, laughs alot. (and i mean, im definately not picky, everyone has their ideal... im sure most girls would love a tall really built attractive guy with abs and that can do everything imaginable a
  7. hatethyself are you 19 or 21? you said 19 in your first post and 21 later. Anyway, im 21, and almost 22. I am in the same situation as you in many ways. Im sort of keeping acne under moderate control, but it never goes away. In fact im making it seem better than it sounds because i have red marks scattered almost all over my face and in the worst and most visible places. Ive sort of grown to accept that, but what i cannot accept is never once having any type of intimacy. Every day i tell
  8. I take 3-4 capsules of fish oil a day and eat at least 1 can of tuna a day as well. I believe both the things you said are true - acne can be controlled a bit more, and you feel better. id suggest taking a capsule(or whatever you use as long as its a typical fish oil fish supplement) with every meal, there really is no limit to how much you can have.
  9. yup just got back from heavy squatting/leg pressing/stiff leg deadlifts day etc.
  10. ok no offense here, but what the hell is wrong with you? (you cant post something like that without expecting a reply) Im not trying to be an asshole here, but ive never seen someone put such little worth in themself. People all have problems, not just you, but well... is it all THAT bad? Is life that horrible for you? Is there nothing you have that makes you happy? Here ill give you my perspective - I feel bad every day, ironically for one reason only... , yet it tears me apart and gives me d
  11. Just chiming in since I know most of us older virgins are probably too shy to do so: same situation. Actually don't have any acne anymore, but there were times in my life where I could have had sex, but because of bad body acne I was too embarrassed/self conscious to do so. So at this age (21), having sex doesn't really seem like a big deal to me, and being a virgin doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the deep psychological imprint of all the years of having acne, that is, in relation
  12. Cheer up hun, its the same for guys. Mens Health, GQ to name a few. Whereas you have to appeal visually, we have to have an interesting, funny, attractive, confident, bold personality for us to be appealing and that can't happen at the flick of a switch. Just as some of you aren't attractive, some of guys dont display these characteristics. Its not all one-sided. I agree with pretty much everything in this thread. Our soceity is f#$ked up to to the max and we have only the media to blame. The