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  1. So it's been a week since I have taken my last tablet. My dryness is starting to subside, and I think my eyes are feeling a little less teary/dry. I still have some spots on my bum/underneath, which I'm not happy with, and I have one on the back of my left shoulder, but that doesn't seem to have erupted to the usual standard which is good. I know the medication will stay in my system for another few weeks so I do hope that it all goes away and leaves me alone forever. If not, I will be bac
  2. wow - what a difference already! I wish I had found tretinoin years ago! I'm sure you will have your year!
  3. Happy New Year! I started my isotretinoin journey on September 6th 2017. I was nervous after reading all the horror stories. But I thought, if it gets too bad, I will stop. And after enduring bad skin, spots, cysts and boils for the last 25 years, I didn't think there was side effect that I wouldn't manage. I was right. My side effects have been minimal, some dry skin on my face (which is fine with a daily moisturiser and nightly smothering of aqueous cream; a little tiredness (but that coul
  4. Thanks Valerie - I am so pleased with how my skin has changed. Just need to sort the wrinkles out now!!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm off to the Derm this afternoon for my next prescription. I'm hoping to increase my dose again as the painful cysts on my back are still appearing, and seem to take an age to heal. I confess my boyfriend is popping them, but only when they are ready as they are so painful and it's like they need to be released, does that make sense? I have some coming on my bum too, which is just great . Good points, side effects are still pretty minimal - dry lips, face is a little dry but
  6. Hello world! So not much to update, but it's still an improving picture. The large ones I had on my back seem to be healing and even though I am still having the odd one or two, its not as bad as it was a few weeks ago. The skin on my face is still looking good, and I have people commenting on it. (which is really nice to hear). Side effects are still very manageable. I'm pretty happy! Next visit to the derm is at the end of November. stay happy!
  7. I have been on the higher dose of 60mgs for a week. My back has well and truly had a break out. I have around 18 large and painful cysts/boils. They really hurt and my bra also irritates them. . I don't think I could go to work with out one on.... not very professional! But I know they will clear and the shit that is in my skin has to come out. The texture of my skin is still super soft and smooth, despite the boils. I have a couple on my neck too, so hair is worn down and scarves are a great a
  8. So, my dermatologist has increased the dose to 60mgs. We shall see how I get on!............... take care all x
  9. Hi guys, I am now 6 and half weeks into my journey. So far, my face is still clear and so much smoother. My rosacea is definitely so much better. I have breakouts on my body, mainly large cysts/boils, but the overall texture of my skin is a lot smoother than it was. there are still some under skin white bumps that need to come out, mainly on my chin My face is not that dry anymore, I use Boots Time Delay moisturiser with spf 30 every morning and that seems to be all I need. Nothing at night. M
  10. Hi guys. So I'm back to the derm tomorrow for my second prescription. I have been quite surprised about how my body has reacted with the side effects. Lips are obvs dry and will no doubt continue to be so, but they are not cracking or peeling. The dryness on my face is very manageable and I generally moisturise morning and night and occasionally once or twice in the day. I have had no initial break out, but I have had spots and cysts. I have a couple on the top of my thighs and on my hips, a few
  11. so three weeks ago today I took my first dose. My side effects have been ok, nothing too drastic. The worst has been my eyes, picking and burning and having to put drops in every thirty mins for a few days, but that has calmed down. They are a bit gunky in the morning and I still use the drops a little, but it's much better. I'm still getting the odd spot, but the smaller ones come and go in a matter of days. The large on on my chin seems to be subsiding, but it's still a lump under my skin.
  12. ok, so we are on day 18 I think. The last few days my eyes have been really picky and sore. They are also a bit puffy and bloodshot. I am using drops on an hourly basis if not more, and trying not to wear eye makeup but I have to for work and going out as I look like death otherwise. I am hoping it will settle down. and actually, yesterday and today so far is a little better than the last few days. As far as the skin dryness goes, its much the same on my face only, and of course my lips. No c
  13. 2 weeks in, and still good. dry skin and lips but not overly so. Have a lovely volcano starting to erupt on my chin. A few more on my back, but can't say if that would have happened with or without the isotretinoin. Not much else to report really! Thanks for your good wishes x
  14. ok - so nearly 2 weeks at 40mg of isotretinoin. not much to report really. Still have dry skin on my hairline, temples, around my nose and on my chin, but its not too bad. Lips are dry, but not overly so. I have picky eyes at the moment, and a couple of tiny styes on the lower lash line, they are a bit irritating, but not horrible. I do get a streak of blood when I blow my nose, but nothing to write home about. Yesterday i thought i was starting to break out, had a few small spots on my right
  15. Rainbow.1974


    you are beautiful. I don't see scars, all I see is a very striking young lady. I wish you could see what I see. My daughter is quite similar to you xx