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  1. I have only been taking antibitoics for less than 3 weeks now, but since starting my skin has gotten super pale more so than it has ever been, my face will get extremely burnt when I go out in the sun, my hair is starting to turn light orange-brown (it is naturaly dark brown), my eyes have gotten lighter, my eyelashes are lighter and i dont know if its a coincidencce or not but they seem to be falling out more often, and my eyebrows are lighter, they went from black to almost blonde. i was real
  2. up until I was about 14, I never got sunburnt, not even on my face, i'd just get olivey colored. now my face is one big sensitive itchy red mess with scars and bumps and it keeps getting worse :\
  3. its probably a bunch of things causing the acne, but i have the feeling the antidepresants have something to do with it cause i didnt get acne until i started them. i dont take any meds anymore. i was on zoloft, welbutrin, effoxor, paxil, something else. i dont even think i really needed them, my stupid doctor convinced me into taking them. idk but my skin sucks now.
  4. i believe the reason i have acne is from taking antidepressants. this was a year ago. after taking zoloft for 1 week, i got horrible acne after having 100% clear skin for a year. the only acne i got before than was a few pimples from puberty. it didnt make any sense because i had never had real acne before in my life. i was on 5 different antidepressants over the course of one year, and my acne got more and more severe, hundred of little bumps all over my skin and everything. after stopping them
  5. I didn't know u weren't supposed to go outside in the sun while taking antibiotics, monday i was outside allll day. later that night i looked in the mirror at my face and it was THIS red: the redness was ONLY on my face and the rest of my body turned tan so it looked really weird and it was embarassing. it looked like i painted red war paint all over my face only. its going down now, but i'm breaking out all over, and the red marks that were on my face are now 10x more visible, it looks like
  6. STOP PUTTING STUFF ON YOUR FACE! ESPECIALLY peroxide. I made that mistake, I was the same age as you, and now my skin is even worse. Use vitamin E oil or extra virgin olive oil to moisturize your face, I bet your skin is real oily right. Thats because of all the topical abuse on your face's skin. Cause I used to smear peroxide and alcohol all over my face when I had acne, and it ruined my skin. My skin is now very sensitive and red because of it. you absolutely have to stop using chemicals on y
  7. why are all of yall talking about skin cancer this is my antibiotic message board! im just kidding. but really i dont care about the skin cancer i just wanna know about the docycycline stuff if anyone has taken it
  8. thats good, I've seen my skin start to clear up once I eat healthy like that, mostly cutting out dairy/sweets/pasta/bread. But its so hard to keep up with permanently. My whole family and all of my friends eat junk mostly. They always have little snacks like cookies or chips or bread. & my family also loves pasta and I can't go for more than 2 days without ending up eating a whole box of mac and cheese or something. i'm wondering if this contributes to my skin breaking out. its 100% organic
  9. the white circles under your nails is actually your new fingernail growing out. when our fingernails grow so far, a new one comes out to replace it if it gets broken or something. if you watch it carefully, you'll see it start to come out further every week until you have a new set of nails.
  10. Been taking the antibiotic for 3 days now, and I threw up every time as well as terrible headaches and lightheadedness all day long. Today is the 4th day and I don't really want to take one again. I have a acne rash on the side of my face i don't know if this is just a coincidence or because of the unhealthy way I have been eating this week. the worst part of my skin is the hundreds of tiny bumps everywhere. they aren't like pimples, theyre just bumps and i dont know if this is because my skin i
  11. when somebody said "they cause more harm to you in the long run" what do you mean? thanks
  12. I went to a dermatologist and he prescribed me an antibiotic called doxycycline (100mg) he also wanted to give me some kind of topical gel, but I told him my skin is too sensitive to try anything like that. I really don't want to take the antibiotic because I believe natural healing can be more effective in the long run..but I do want my skin to clear up soon. I don't usually ever take drugs to solve my problems though. Dr told me that going outside in the sunlight is something I should AVOID w
  13. what in your opinion is ugly? a narrow face? small eyes or a small chin? or an imperfectly shaped nose? what diff does it make? these are nothing more than a blob on our heads that are called our faces. everyone has differently shaped blobs, and personally to me most blobs look the same. i guess people with "ugly blobs" dont deserve to have a life just because of the way their face is shaped? thats the stupidest thing ive ever heard.
  14. Yes, it was written by somebody named Leo. I couldn't believe how many products he recommended and it made me feel like if thats what i have to do then i'm never going to get clear skin. It might help to try and follow some of the things the book said, even tho its impossible to do everything. I didn't read all of it cause it was so long and mostly just about all these products, but the part about the primrose, borage and flax oil seemed to make sense to me. I think I might try that. But do u t
  15. I want to do the diet..but I am so starving all the time and don't know what to eat. Im only 17 so my parents get mad if I ask them for all these special foods to buy. I would like to go out and buy food myself but i'm embarrassed obviously n my self esteem has gotten very low from my skin. The only healthy things in my house are rotten spinach, onions, a bag of salad, peaches, frozen green beans, frozen peas, frozen corn, rotten grapes..no nuts or seeds or anything. We have a big box of bars ca