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  1. Same here. I find that when I take it in the evening, that's when I'm affected most. In fact right now is 6.30 in the morning! LOL It's better if you take it early morning.
  2. One thing worse than acne is adult acne. Imagine having it since 12 years old (I'm 28). I don't remember how things were before my acne stole everything.
  3. I'm on 20 mg a day, which is relatively low, but I'm quite thin and small. My acne was mild/moderate to begin with, hence the low dose, while the course is for about 2 months. I've already started seeing results (must be close to 3rd week since starting) mostly in terms of reduced oiliness. I also have reduced breakouts. I don't have any serious side-effects either (apart from some dry eyes and lips). My question is about when people achieving perfectly clear skin: do they keep taking accutane f
  4. I must be the oldest here at 28... *sigh* I HATE Valentine's day with a passion. So yeah... I'll blame my mild/moderate acne on my face (as well as the stretch marks on my bottom/thighs) for making me avoid relationships like the plague... What's ironic I'd look almost like my avatar icon, if it wasn't for my bad skin...ugh! I'm on 20mg Accutane/day now, so there's still some hope - well not much, but what can I do...? I'm not sure I believe in karma, but if there is, then I must have been a r
  5. Anyone taking Colostrum while on accutane? I've just started with 20 mg/day... I've been taking those vitacost capdules for about 2 weeks now (every morning on an empty stomach).
  6. I've just started taking betaine HCl (with pepsin). I've also started Colostrum as well. I take one HCl pill per mealtime (usually lunch and diner). It's a couple of days now so I can't tell yet. I've no burning in my stomach with one capsule, (the recommended dose). So I suppose I should start increasing the dose, right? I forgot to mention i also have white coating in my tongue. I haven't noticed any improvement yet, but I think I'll have to increase the dose first and wait. I may also order a
  7. Thanks for mentioning that. You can't believe how sleepy I am after meals! I can barely function! I knew it was from bad digestion, but never gave the HCL a thought. I also thought sleepiness was a relatively normal reaction after a meal, since it's not very uncommon. But anyway, one more reason to try it! Cheers!
  8. This sounds interesting... I do have about 3-4 symptoms from the list and I'll definitely try the HCL. Some other symptoms that I have noticed connected to my acne are: 1) err... increased gas (it started when I was 13. Strangely, at the exact same time that I got my periods and my acne developed). 2) Later in adulthood, I developed a really strange thing related to my digestive system (I don't have a name for it as I still don't know what it is). Basically, it resembles burping. Only it's a bit
  9. Ok, further to my post above, just a few minutes ago, I got a note from my post office, saying that because my order went through customs (the source of the huge delay perhaps) i need to pay an extra £21 (i.e. an extra $40-50)!!! And to think I ordered this because I thought it'd be a lot cheaper... *sigh*
  10. My order from vitacost was shipped on Dec 3. I'm still waiting for it and I'm in London, UK. I don't think I'll be ordering from them again... This week i've an appointment for some accutane and wanted to try colostrum before i repeated the treatment. My oilyness is returning again after a month's course of 10mg a day... *sigh*
  11. Ok, I'm getting a bit worried now after hearing about the weight loss. I'm naturally skinny and gaining weight is one of my main goals since I was a kid. Gaining muscle would be good but I need the fat too. Especially in my cheeks that look naturally hollow (high cheekbones are good but not when even anorexics have chubbier cheeks than you...!)
  12. I'm one week post-surgery of a revision open rhinoplasty (the kind where you get a tiny scar between your nostrils). I was prescribed low dose accutane (10 mg /day) long time ago for my mild/moderate acne, but haven't taken it yet because I was waiting for my surgery. Now that I've done the surgery, how long is a reasonable time to wait? My surgeon wasn't sure when I asked him, he said he'd look into it. Any ideas please?? I'm desperate to start really soon but I don't wanna risk it just yet...
  13. Did you stop any birth control pills recently? As i said in another thread, I stopped Yasmin and and after a couple of months neck acne appeared for the first time (my acne was usually on chin/cheeks). I still have this problem after being off the pill for months - with some improvements lately thank God.
  14. After stopping the Yasmin pill. Only just now started to subside a bit after many months.
  15. I'm 28 and it's the same for me here exactly like you described! I'm also currently recovering from an outbreak I got after stopping Yasmin (the pill didn't help much to begin with, but after I stopped I seemed to breakout badly even in places where I hardly got any acne before, like my neck and forehead. Thank God it's slowing down a bit now...)