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  1. congrats. I may be leaving taz too because it is changing my pigment Will try to ask for bactrim which I have heard good things about.
  2. You are still breaking out badly after 9 weeks! I find that it makes my pimples somewhat worse when I put taz on them but this is week 2 for me. I am also on an antibiotic, are you taking some to offset the pimples that come due to taz. What happens to your sking when you take if more often that 3 days apart?
  3. Day 15 Unfortunately not too much to update about. My skin is still pretty broken out. Lots of bumps on my forehead and temple. My cheeks also lighten due to the drying I suspect. This is a side effect I get from using bp too. Very discouraging so far but I'm going to try to keep it up for 30 days that is when I see the derm again. Day 22 I had to stop using Taz around Day 19 because it was changing the pigment of my skin. It has been a few days of no taz use but I've continued my tetrac
  4. Day 11 Not much change, The cheeck and temple pimple did not come back which made me very happy. Overall my forehead is still more broken out than before I went on taz but not as bad as before. Today was the first time I went out in public at night to party on taz. That was fun, but I was terrified to go into any store with bright lights. I'm still hopeful the taz will work by week 4. The areas around my nose are starting to get pretty dry (a usual dry spot). I never gave a bio of me.
  5. Ok, well I will go ahead and make a log of my Tazorac usage. It all started February. After going about a year of being clear (before that I suffered moderate acne) and then BAM! I was hit with a huge breakout. Severe acne that was worst than I had ever had. Completely covered my forehead and temples and I think murad products just exacerbated the problem! So after finally getting too depressed to do much of anything I went to the dermatologist for some help. The first derm perscribed 5% b
  6. It's a saturday night! I'm at home (thanks acne) . Probably go to the gym later tonight. Hope that someday I can hang out with my friends again without wanting to hide in my room.
  7. Thanks for this journal. I'm just done with WK1 of Taz and it's been an awful experience so far with the IB. I'm glad your finally got that clear skin! I hope my skin returns to that place again.
  8. There are several differences between people of color's skin and white people. Pigmentation, ingrown hairs are just a few examples.
  9. ^ how long did it take? Currently Taz is ruining my face. :(
  10. I just got Taz and my face has broken out worse before i have even finished Wk1! Is this normal. I'm really not sure if I can hold on. I have like 4 huge monster pimples growing that are extremely painful and will likely scar if they ever go away. I also take an antibiotic but it doesn't seem to have made a difference. I'm really depressed.
  11. I don't think the point is virgininty per se but the impact acne makes on ones social life. Of course a lot of people don't want to just run out and have sex but with acne it can make your social life so miserable it is hard to ever date and meet people and live a normal life. Life wouldn't be perfect with clear skin but it would be a hell of a lot easier. For about a year I was completely clear and my confidence was so high. I was able to get in better physical shape and increase my product
  12. Has anyone every been prescribed antifungal cream for their face? I've been put on them like twice and wonder why because I hear very little about anti-fungals being used to clear acne. This is similiar to stuff you'd use if you have ringworm or athletes foot! redface.gif Anyone's derms obsessed with these? IS there a reason why they are being pushed? Is it effective (I don't believe they are as a spot treatment or long term solution).
  13. Ack I posted this in the wrong forum and do not know how to delete? Mods can you please delete.
  14. Never did lasers for acne but I did have laser hair removal for my ingrown hairs on my face. It was supposed to be permenant but was not BUT did remove most of my hair for about half a year and cleared up my very serious ingrown hair problem by about 95% Results were far from permenant but I was very satisfied with how lasers helped my ingrown hair problem.