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  1. Is this legit? I mean, you usually need a px to order accutane. What is this brand that's selling it just this freely? and so cheap? sounds fishy to me....
  2. Ice it for a bit then soak a cotton pad in vinegar and apply to the spot every so often. I then BP the sh*t out of it. Just dab some BP on it at night and hope for the best (sometimes it helps, other times, no matter what I do, the pimple comes out)
  3. I have been doing Blotchas' for about a month now, combined with B5 and also BP during nightime and so far, it has kept my skin clear. The scars are slowly but surely (knock on wood) fading. I started the B5 2 weeks ago and I think I am now havign the "breakout" it causes, 3 pimples.... Not bad and I hope that it stays this way. I also do an aspirin mask to exfoliate 3 times a week and my skin has not been this soft in ages I have mild acne....
  4. Craig, I think the BP would help clear some of that. You can order Dan's BP (I think he ships to Australia) or buy some 2.5 % directly at a drugstore there. Do the Regimen with the B5 and I think you should clear up....
  5. I would suggest exfoliating (if you don't have any products use5-6 aspirin, let them melt in a few drops of water and use the paste as a scrub/mask,leave it on for 5-10 mn) and see how your skin looks afterwards...Looks like they are whitehaeds though
  6. I have dated this guy for the past 4 months and he is very self conscious about his acne. However, honestly, even though I do see it, I don't really notice it and I really don't care. I still find him hot as hell and I would not consider not going out with him because of that.... I now there are girls who are mean and horrible but you wouldn't want to date them even if you did not have bad skin. I had a very bad break out 1 year ago (I never had acne until then) and it made my life so miserab
  7. Ducth, how many grams of B5 are you taking? But it also could very well be that you're body does not process the vitamine B. ( I had a friend who had this problem with Vitamine C. Her body just couldn't "keep" it.
  8. I tried a cleanser and a toner from them. Nothing bad to say about it but nothing good either. Pretty much your average thing...
  9. hey lilchicken, I searched makeupalley for reviews of the product but couldn't find anything. Maybe I am searching wrong? (or am I that lame I can not figure this out?) help, thanks
  10. Hey XxGhoulxX I would definitely consider Accutane. I know it is harsh on your body but if Acne is a family thing, and that severe, then it might be worth it. Also considering you are only 15, your parent's will most likely cover Accutane, right? Have you tried Dan's regimen? it is cheaper than most regimen's and works for a lot of people.
  11. I have the same problem on my cheek. And everytime I get rid of 3, 3 new ones come... Ugh. I am doing the Blotcha regimen (check it out in the Regimen forum) and also dabbing BP on the spots. I notice it will take about 10 days for the pimple to really start shrinking, but with this method, the scars they leave are less obvious. You can also try soaking a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and pressing it on the cyst...( start slow, depending on how sensitive your skin is, You don't want to bur
  12. I have the same problem. I have 3 pimples and a cyst on my cheeks that just do not want to go away (it's been a week) but I have to remind myself that despite that, my skin IS better than it was 3 months ago... Did you try dabing some BP on the beak out areas?