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  1. Absolutley love PLAYSTICKS!!!! I wear it in tea party. Never breaks me out and has great coverage!!! Little expensive though. I really dont like paying $40 for foundation but I do because i love it!
  2. I just wanted to let you guys know that I have been using the Benifit Playsticks or whatever there called. Foundation sticks basically. I have the one in Tea Party. I absolutley love it and it does not break me out at all. Unfortunately for me MAC foundation does not work with my skin. Im not saying its bad like everyone else but I dont think it is good for my skin. I still love their eyeshadow and all that other stuff. I even stopped wearing MAC blush and my cheeks have improved sooooo much. Ok
  3. Perfect skin! Lose a little wait and tone! A little bit bigger butt! Perkier boobs! Just a little! Longer hair! (It's a little past my shoulders and I want it longer!
  4. ~Very Oily ~Breaks you out (Well me, not everyone) ~Great Color Selection ~Has matching powder and blush to coordinate ~Had to blot ALL the time ~Not Expensive ~A little goes a long way I think that is it I will post more if I think of any.
  5. Cant you try something like Prescriptives. Its this makeup that is made for clearing up acne. It is really expensive but you could always go and just see. They might be able to lead you into a direction that is a little less expensive???
  6. Only thing I have tried is the tinted moisturizer which I was not a fan of. And the primer which was ok. Nothing special!
  7. There eyeshadow is one of the highest pigmented colors so they go on very vibrant. When mixed with MAC eyes bases they really pop and go on smooth. The reason why the brushes are crazily numbered is because not everyone uses the brush they way that MAC suggests it. Like for instance I use the eyebrow brush for liner. They will put the brushes actual use on the MACCOSMETICS website but if you go into the store you could just use the numbers and it makes it easier. There brushes are very multitask
  8. You need to find pproducts with antioxidents in it. Something that will block your face. Im not sure if smashbox prep and prime or whatever its called does but this might be good. I would ask your local department store counter.
  9. If you have tried antibiotics and they didn't work, you could prolly find a doctor who'd put you on it. I had one dermatologist say he would never put me on Accutane, then I got it from my primary care doctor. :) So it really depends on the doctor.

  10. Do you think they would put me on it if my acne is not that bad. I just want to have clear smooth skin and hopefully be able to walk out the house with no makeup. haha

  11. I hope Accutane helps with redness haha, I really have no active acne, but I want my marks to go away. My doctor did put me on it though...so I'm assuming it does, it just takes patience and at least a few months.

  12. Never had a problem myseld. Dont listen to all this stupid talk about ingredients. What makes one persons skin bad isnt going to make the other. Look at how many people wear mac eyeshadow? I think you will be fine.
  13. Yes it is used for powder and it has great coverage. I use to wear PURminerals and this is the brush that came in the kit. You need to wash it though atleast every week. It does build up fast and you dont want to keep putting the same makeup on your face.
  14. I use the mineralized skinfinish in natural and I love it. It seems like it would not be a lot of coverage but I like it a lot. If you want extreme coverage there is always studio fix powder but I find it to come out cakey and really bad for my skin. But I do love the Studio fix Fluid Line. It is very light and looks flawless when applied with a 187 brush from MAC. Let me know if there is anything