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  1. I took it... 4 months later wow. Very tiny minor facial acne, my back has recently gotten bad again but none the less... its amazing the results. Just you wait 4 months from now you will look back and be in awe...
  2. Hey! The title of your blog reminded me of that song it goes like, this is the story of a girl, Who cried a river and drowned the whole world! And while she looked so sad in photographs, I absolutely love her, When she smiles... Just wanted to pop by and say good luck. I took accutane too and let me tell you, it is a blessing. It has been a year since I last took it. I still have some bacne, all mild (although quite a bit still argh) but only 1 - 2 pimples on my face; they are tiny and don't b
  3. 6 years... my back is not cystic but has many many pimples.
  4. Cyst . Aww, i feel so bad for you. I remember when mine was like that. My back is still cystic. It hurts so much . Good luck, it does get better. MY face is clear my back is cystic... none the less. I thought I'd never see that day.
  5. Accutane. My bacne was worse, now its nearly healed. Best decision i ever made, and wish I made it when I was 20.
  6. Accutane? I had severe back acne, took tane, now its mild, although i get a few cysts its hardly anything compared to haveing over 50 pimples.
  7. Aww! Lets go out! I have the same issue, bad backne. It sucks so bad, it really does require a lot of strength to get past. I don't have any advice, but I have sympathy for that. I have had it for about 4 years now, cystic.
  8. I have to shave everyday. I can even shave 2-3 times a day! It grows fast. That being said, I apply AHA before bed. Totally helps my ingrown hair issue, and pimples, its just so nice!!! I recommend.
  9. Ahh already on roaccutane eh! Wow, yea my back was about as bad as yours would of been prior to my taking accutane. I might take it again, i had few side effects. None the less, i wish this problem would just fkn leave eh! Good luck man.
  10. Well, this cyst didn't leave a mark, infact it looks more like a nodule. I dunno what to do sigh, and I have a new cyst on my back... i just wanna go on tane again but i only have maybe 4 cysts
  11. What is going on, at first it was inflamed, then became dark purple like a bruise. After about 5 days it went down into nothing, not completely flat I could feel a lump underneath, now i put a bit of pressure on it and out came blood and pus, I have no idea what to do! Just leave it? Thanks
  12. Ouch. Might want to think about accutane, those look deep painful and cystic? Deep body acne can only be cured by accutane.
  13. What makes me happy is very simply, talking to my dad (haven't seen him in 6 years), playing/listening to music, reading books and working.
  14. I'm in the same boat. I haven't talked to my brother in 6 or 7 years... we live in the same house.