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  1. I have not posted in years. I think that is what may happen. We freak out, seek community help - and yes, oh gawd yes, this community helps, we "heal" - they we are not heard from...again. Well, anyway - that is what happend to me. My experience with scars was intense. I had a "hole" in the middle of my face. Between my eyebrows, one on the side of my nose -- close to my tear duct. Once hole on my check. And sever smaller sacrs on my face. I tried everything. Even praying...and I am no
  2. was it genesis laser that you had? can't find anyone on the boards who has had it ...
  3. yes, i posted on this somewhere before dr senderoff - plastic surgeon in nyc ROCKS http://www.drsenderoff.com when it comes to facial fillers - i swear, i can no longer see my larger depressed scars or my old chicken pock scars- do you know any FABULOUS dermatologist in the nyc area? i go to dr jaliman http://www.drjaliman.com for cosmetic stuff but she doesn't have the newest lasers and is a bit $$$ my problem is ice pic / scarred pores - any advice?
  4. restylane worked like magic on my chicken pock scars and a really bad zit that left a hole
  5. hi everyone - really interesting thread today. hi billyboy - great math skills. you've had fraxel many times - probably the most footer postings i have seen on this site. do you see real improvement? in which areas of the face do you see the most improvement; and who's your dr. thank you in advance for your response. in response to an earlier posting today regarding mico injections - i had a few chicken pock scars filled with radiesse a few years ago - they were gone 5 minutes after he i
  6. You should really have the subcision and saline done first. You don't know how much silicone is needed until you see the results of the subcision. If you do the silicone first and then the subcision, you might be left with a overfilled scar. fyi: juvederm is the "latest" thing in facial fillers in NYC - it's FDA approved and made by the BOTOX guys - when i had my chicken pox filled i had radiesse - that was like three years ago and it is still filled. i think one of the facial fillers, no
  7. Some small ones will go away on their own. Some of mine have vanished merely due to aging. ha, some have vanished into wrinkles. (Just kidding!) Deeper ice pick scars will not likely budge without some assistance. You'll find lots of suggestions on these forums for dealing with your scars.
  8. I've had my 3rd Fraxel 1500 tx today with supposedly "the best" doctor in NYC. I haven't been posting much about my treatments since didn't feel I have anything NEW to add and waited until I do...My treatments have been spaced 2 - 2.5 wks apart, he has a new roller tip, so no blue dye, and yes! the treatments are painful in spite of the numbing cream and a cooling machine. My recovery time seems to be longer than what most people post here and takes about 10 days for my skin to look "normal" ag
  9. i met with dr cameron rokhsar in manhattan, new york. he said that i have pretty good skin. i am seeking fraxel to improve a surgical scar (as a result from surfing - board hit me right between my eyebrows). i had two surgical scar revisions and am left with a small kinda of thin line (but not thin or small enough where it is not noticeable) - it is in the very center of my face and depresses me and trips me out to the point of major BDD. i very recently (three weeks ago) picked to death a l
  10. i went in today for my $150 dollar fraxel consultation and i was told that i had to reschedule becuase i have one scarred pore and becase of it's inflamation and redness i should wait. so he shot something into it - i think cortisone(?) because evidently prior to fraxel you should have no hyperpig? so i guess the questions is how do i quickly heal 1 scarred pore? seriously it is just one fricken very red scarred pore -- any advise?
  11. that was really interesting, thank you. so would a tanning booth give the same effect (no sun in NYC)?
  12. i had bad chicken pock marks - 2 on forehead, one close to my nose, and one on my cheek. i had them filled with restylane (i think it is sometimes called radiesse) over three years ago - and poof they were gone (like that very day with NO down-time, just red for about three hours) and i never see them. i also had him fill up a mark that i had left over from a mole excsion and that is totally gone to - i had them done in NYC by a dr named senderoff his website is here http://www.safechange.co