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  1. hello friend ,if you can speak another lang it could be better.i strongly recomend you before anything else to make some blood test for some nutrients,minerals because this drugs can harm the body ,Vitamin d3 ,b12,iron ,and mutation of folic acid metabolism MTHFR.my d levels tend to zero ,
  2. stay away from any kind of steroids,dhea , is very dangerous prohibited at any sport ,also makes no reversible damage at liver and other parametres.huge more protocols is everywhere .for fully recover your liver take a combo of milkthistle,phicroriza,curcumin ,first priority imo i strongly recomend a protein powder ,is very usefull to break fat deposit on liver ,al so regenarates tissue and neurones at any organs . very effective protocol but hard ,is cofee enema ,less painful nac cysteine boo
  3. cooper and zinc is very important elements , no need exams ,just take a formula with booth inside , http://www.adnuther.com/2011/05/how-i-induced-cystic-acne-in-myself/
  4. i was sufering for many many years from this kind of problems ,i was use tetracycline drugs for long long time(this can become very harmfull) ,a simple vacter infection become a strong staph ,at the end was using roacutane, but il never had solution So i give you an advice do not fight this with drugs ,use supplements to boost your immune .eliminate anemia .check iron levels ,b12 levels ,cooper zinc ,of course you can use more other sophisticated remedys ,il help
  5. happy new year ,take care about deficiencies of nutrients ,minerals b12,iron , liver cleanse are very usefull or so