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  1. Persuaded, I am so very sorry to hear about all the troubles you are having. I totally know how it feels to not want to leave the house because of your skin and to feel completely helpless. I am 19 and I have struggled with acne since I was 12. Last summer I gave up and went on Accutane. It was the best choice I EVER made. My skin never even got worse on it. It just got better and better and better and I have been off it since August and it is still clear. I had no side effects, except dry skin
  2. i have been on accutane for three months and i went to my derm today to get my next months prescription and my cholesterol levels were high so she told me to stop it for two weeks then start again. i am on it for 5 months so i have 2 more months left and i have been soooo happy because i am completely clear and i am just so so so soooo afraid that being off it for two weeks is going to make my acne come back or when i start again maybe i will break out again? i dont know im just so scared! cause
  3. I will be starting Accutane in about a month after I go through the iPledge system and everything. I will be doing a 5 month course of a high dose, I'm not sure exactly which dose yet. I'm nervous to see how bad my acne will get before it gets better, but it is all completely worth it if I end up with clear skin! I have one question, does Accutane help with scars? Because my scars are terrible! Oh and I've never had cystic acne before, just papules mostly, do you think I will get cysts or nodule
  4. i was wondering if anyone new where i could buy topical vitamin c or i think its called crystal c? that would be great thanksss
  5. its really actually rather cheap, i just bought face wash, a hydrate, and sunscreen from my esthetician and it was sixty dollars. and if you dont want to pay for it, just dont pay for it and stop complaining about it?
  6. i have no idea what the effects of pot on your body are.. and im not about to claim that i do. all i know is that its sad that you feel like you need to alter your state of mind or whatever the heck it does to make yourself feel better. try being happy with how things are while you are normal, because that is how you were made to be. i mean come on, i know i dont believe in it because i like to live my life for God and it is not exactly something he favors, but at the very least have some self r
  7. so im prescribed retina micro .1% and benzaclin cream and im supposed to use benzeclin before and after school and retina at night and a light moisturizer because i have oily skin ive been doing this for a week and mt skin is literally perfect right now but i didnt have bad acne before well the benzaclin burns my face soooooo bad and the retina seems to be what is making it so clear should i stop using benzaclin?
  8. i just tried to pop a nodile and obviously nothing came out i was on my chin and now its the size of like one whole half of my chin and it hurts sooooo bad ive never had one before.. what do i do? i need help! its so so big i just want to bawl my eyes out. please how do i heal it? i have retin-a micro and benzaclin right now neosproin and a bandaid are on it. i am so sad..
  9. well i have the neutrogena moisturizer that is spf 45 and i love it it ishealthy defense daily moisturizer (untinted).. dont know if that helps at all
  10. okay so i have flesh colored bumps on my chin.. well not really anymore but when i pop them either stringy white pus comes out or a white clearish hard seed thing and if i dont pop them they never ever go away. nothing bad happens when i pop them like no scarring they just go away, is it bad to be popping them?
  11. just stick it out a little while longer with the benzaclin.. i am very confused as to why everyone is saying benzaclin doesnt work.. it has worked miracles for me and i dont even think ive been on it a month! i have mild acne im pretty sure maybe even less than that i just asked my regular doctor for it and she gave it to me and i spot treat with it, some of them go away overnight if not in a few days! may i ask why it works for me and not others? im scared its going to get bad now! and i have h
  12. i have these small little bumps all over my chin and only my chin they are not too noticable but when i stretch my skin they are hard white things just underneath the skin, very small. sometimes i pop them and a hard seed like white thing comes out, what are they and how do i get rid of all my existing ones now without popping them out? i use benzaclin and neutrogena ultra defence moisturizer like a sunscreen one or something anddd purpose face wash and occasionally the neutrogena scrub ohhhh an
  13. okay so everyone says benzaclin bruns their face when they put it on, it makes mine tight but it doesnt burn... i dont understand what people are talking about
  14. okay so when i was about 12 i started getting acne on my forehead, not very bad at all just whiteheads pretty much.. i went to the dermatologist and i wason differin for awhile and it didnt work that well then i went on avare or something like that and some face washes but none of them worked.. it was never bad at all, pretty mild.. well i tried all of those things for about three years, until i was fifeteen then i went on retin-a micro and klaron lotion and it worked wonderfully i was completel