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  1. I went back to my family doctor today and asked him what he thought about candida and antifungal treatments. He said it was all rubbish and that holistic doctors are hocus pocus snake oil vendors. But i convinced him to give me two weeks of fluconazole to kill candida. It's a pill but im confident that it will really help me. It was expensive too.. $35 dollars for 28 pills.. but all my antibiotics were covered by my health care.. what does that tell you about the drug industry? I also found
  2. Are you serious? I asked my family doctor about candida and he didn't even know what it was. And this is no new doctor.. he's got gray hair. And I live in Canada. Man I hate doctors. I'm scared of pills of all kind now.
  3. Girls think of everything to look hot i didn't know this stuff even existed. I'm not too worried about being picked on.. im in college lol so Ive gone through the name calling.. plus theres always somebody weirder than you. always
  4. Hi everyone, my name is Jason and I'm turning 20 next month. this is my story over the past couple of years, just as I came out of high school. If you have taken any kind of antibiotics, but have not taken the time to understand the risks, please read this. I started taking tetracyclines about two years ago, and I broke out in hives all over my body. My doctor said it was normal because I would be very sensitive to the sun and told me to continue with it. I started getting pains in my stoma
  5. haha yea I'm going to .. just hope nobody notices. its spf 15 too omg necro ill have to try your lipstick regimen
  6. have you ever tried to cover up a zit with any kind of makeup? I found a bottle of "tinted moisturizer" last week in my sister's bathroom and it makes my skin look good.. but im embarassed because its like makeup or something
  7. i worked at mcdonalds years ago in high school.. a customer once called me a zit face while I was taking their order... and another time somebody threw french fries at me while I was cleaning tables. . I recall having a very bad week after that. . . but all I can do is laugh about it now
  8. ive done the same thing a couple of times now.. I get so frustrated feeling sorry for myself that I end up destroying my journals, calling myself a crybaby and a loser :wall:
  9. i always drink jager and tonic. My friends don't like jager at all.. but I can't stand all the sugary drinks they like
  10. I keep rewriting my post.. and i still don't know where I stand on this issue. I've run thoughts like this through my head loads of times... but I still don't know. I feel like I've lost so much time because of acne. I think I could have used that time to learn about myself and grow into a better person. A better person than who I'll be when my acne clears up. At the same time I blame myself, because I know that acne shouldn't be an excuse to stop being who you want to be. Sometimes I wonde
  11. haha I'm glad you guys feel the same, well im not glad, because it sucks... but I don't feel so weird anymore. Damn those fluorescent lights and their crazy shinanigans!
  12. yea but if you get a bad one it hurts a lot and thats all you can concentrate on no matter how hard you try to tell yourself its ok
  13. i have acne and I'm not accepting of it. It's gross. I feel bad for pretty girls that have to see my face lol. I feel like it's more of a survival instinct and somewhat uncontrollable for people to shy away from an individual who appears to be sick or has anything abnormal about them. so i usually dont take it too personally, although it is a big downer
  14. hey i'm new to this site and I have pretty normal acne, but I have a bad break out today and I'm feeling pretty down about it. I was just wondering if anyone else is constantly aware of the type of lighting on their skin. I feel pretty weird that I do this, but I shy away from bright white and blue lights. In apartment stores or outside in full sun, i feel like my skin just looks terrible. I know that the lights in my bathroom really make my skin look bad because the light penetrates further