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  1. Well, i've tried it. Back when I was heavy into bodybuilding, for about 4-5 months out of the year, I'd do a diet pretty much spot on that. Lean meats, veggies. The purpose of that diet was to reduce insulin anyway, but that was more towards fat gain since I was doing other stuff for my acne, then. But, yeah, in the years that I've done it, I never noticed any improvements... my acne never got better during dieting, nor did it get worse during the winter when I switched back to eating oats, yams
  2. I stopped using BP because I realized that spot treating stubborn spots actually caused said spot to break out again. Are you spot treating anything with BP?
  3. Yeah, acne always looks worse after a shower. Just shower at night. That's what I do. My face looks awesome in the mornigs. I don't breakout during the night, actually...just during the day. When I wake up, my face is dry, not oily. Maybe because my fan is blowing on it all night? Meh. But yeah, shower at night.
  4. First off, what exactly are you using? If you're using a tribulus product or something like ZMA, you won't see any acne..or any muscle gains, for that matter. Anything that isn't an aromatase inhibitor or a prohormone is pretty much worthless unless you're a 40+ year old male with already low test levels. If you're using an aromatase inhibitor like 6-OXO or Novedex XT, you probably will see more acne. I got bad breakouts from Novedex XT. It has a high conversion rate to DHT, so it will break y
  5. Hahahah, are you serious? Yeah, um, no.. I've had acne since I was 13, and I never really ate a whole lot of PB until recently. And only recently has it been clearing.
  6. Hey guise. Recently, I've started noticing that my acne sort of has flare-ups in accordance to how much...peanut butter I eat. Yes, weird. I powerlift, so I eat a few spoonfulls of it before bed for some slow digesting protein. I'm also in collge, so I eat peanut butter sandwiches pretty often. Anyway, since I started eating so much, I've noticed my acne has gotten a lot better...and last week, I ran out of PB, and didn't bother getting any for a few days. I broke out horribly. A couple of days
  7. I only get acne around the bottom of my chin, around my jaw, and on my neck. It sucks. Cheeks and forehead are clear, but I have an acne beard. Grr.
  8. I start today, also. I'm using Dan's BP. Got it int he mail, today. It was kinda warm, since it was in the mail box for a few hours. Bleh. Anyway, I'm also not using moisturizer, since I have pretty oily skin, and the only thing that makes me flake slightly is tons of 10% BP 2x a day. The 2.5 will be nothing, huahahahahah.
  9. Maybe start taking fish oils.. you could try patting some baby powder on the spots more prone to oil. It will help absorb it.
  10. First off, I'd ask why you're taking such a worthless overpriced product as NO Explode when you could get the same effect from some arginine and a couple of caffiene pills. But other than that, no, it won't effect you...the only thing I can think of it maybe it might make you more prone to nose bleeds. But that's just speculation.
  11. Accutane will shrink the oil glands and cause them to produce less oil. Hormonal acne is caused by androgens stimulating oil production. So yes, it will work for it.
  12. The BP I use is stridex's 2.5% wipes. When I wipe down my face, I try to squeeze out all the BP I can, but the little towellette is still moist. So about halfway through the day, I wipe down my face again with it. Doing this helped more than just applying it at night and the morning. But if you're using a gel, it will probably stay on your face longer than the liquid form of BP in the stridex pads will, so I'm not sure if you would even need to apply it again.