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  1. Maybe ask them to list what ones the store has next time they go. Then cross-check those with that link above to see which are best and ask them to buy those instead. Or show them these videos that show one of the companies that produce eggs for Eggland's Best clearly mistreating chickens and our health.
  2. Uhmmm...none! Eggland's Best all suck. They got 1 egg (out of 5) and 0 points (out of 2200) in the Cornucopia Egg Scorecard
  3. I would definitely avoid the prilosec unless you have imminently dangerous peptic ulcers that need a low-acid environment to heal. I had chest pains, too, along with acid reflux and all your other symptoms at one point or another except for weight and muscle loss. The chest/abdominal pains worried me the most, so I had many tests done for that and other symptoms. They prescribed a slew of drugs with no real diagnoses'. They didn't work and the prilosec after a while made it worse. Most peoples'
  4. Nothing wrong with that...nature's perfect food! I get between 8 and a dozen in a day.
  5. It's from the diet the OP and others are on. Egg Drink It can be varied. I use warm to hot water so the eggs are raw, 1 tspn pumpkin pie spice instead of the cinnamon etc, 4 eggs instead of 3. I also don't like it w/o 1/4 tspn or so of sea salt...
  6. Yeah, I ate soaked nuts for awhile too, but realized they weren't helping and just brought on cravings hardcore...but definitely not the worst off-diet so long as you can control the quantity and they don't lead into other worse food cravings... For the egg drink, I make a double batch at night for the next day- split it into two stainless steel bottles like sigg etc and throw 'em in the fridge overnight. I like it hot, too.. is it just the taste you don't like when it's hot? You can use ghee
  7. I agree with Mr. Sweden, WAPF is where to go to as a guideline after Bee's Diet. I have been on the latter for three years, and for me it took more like a year to get significantly clearer and maybe two for total relief of acne, SD, rosacea etc. The thing is I did it for other things too- I was supposed to have a liver transplant, had unexplained chest pains, numbness/tingling in random places and so on.... Even after three years I continually see improvements in my health and well-being that I
  8. It's actually recommended that you drink the "Electrolyte drink" with each meal, which is the juice of half a lemon(or a whole lime), 1/4-1/2 tspn sea salt, and water- to aid digestion and get in some minerals/electrolytes. I add a lot of salt to my food so I just have 1 whole lemon drink with dinner since it's my biggest meal.
  9. Welcome I know the feeling. A few years back, I tried a {mostly} apple (and some other fruits), oatmeal, and chicken breast diet for a few months. Basically what the USDA said was best- Worst mistake of my life...new acne, rashes, liver crapped out, candida etc etc. Also, you said you were contemplating a spot treatment. May I recommend "Unique E natural vitamin E oil". It's perfect cuz it comes in a little pump, and your skin can't become dependent on it since some is always in your bod
  10. No more coffee, a large amount of nuts or even weight lifting anymore then... :( Nevertheless, how many nuts you can eat without getting acne? Is 125 g too much? I have actually read that thread where they have discussed that weight lifting can cause acne but I didn't believe it. Does regular running cause acne? I don't think so. So how weight lifting is so much different from, for instance, running that it causes acne? It seems that it would be better doing nothing and change my residence to t
  11. I'd like to say your diet is just helping you detox, and it probably is, but I really think that apple fast is the main culprit. That much sugar for three days in a row is terrible and would have sent your hormones all out of whack as your insulin skyrockets. The high fructose is also very hard on your liver, which when overtaxed, will tell your body to send hormones, toxins and by-products of metabolism to your skin to be excreted (hence acne). Either way, I'd stick to the paleo. If it was t
  12. After all, I decided not to add rice to my diet since I was getting so good results. However, at the beginning of this week I faced my first major setback. I got one big cyst on my back and about four smaller pimples on my face. I have been wondering what caused my breakout since I have been almost 100% paleo except I have drunk coffee (without milk or sugar). I have eaten about 250 g of macadamia nuts every day though so could it have had negative impact on my Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio? In addition
  13. Propaganda -a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. Of course this only works when ignorant, lazy people let others decide things for them instead of making up their own mind. Look at all the primitive cultures who have NO sign of heart disease and eat a lot of saturated fat. The indians of the Rocky Mountain Range, the Inuit, Australian Aborigines, the Masai, the Maori- all fall under this category. Heart disease is/was
  14. LOL! That shakes nothing special and won't make people gain weight by itself, its just an average shake with a shitload of whey, whats so special about that? Also, it has NO fat, why? Oh right because fats really bad isnt it! Stupid ass bro science, probably still think you have to eat 6 meals a day to keep the metabolism up too. Yeah, I used to eat like that, too... Low fat, tons of carbs for energy and that "pump", and lotsa whey and processed proteins "they" say help build muscle. I cou