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  1. Hey, my name is steve. I came back to this board cause my acne isnt getting better. I have a crap load all over my arms and back, just little red ones. My face is the bad part. I have blackheads galore and incredibly oily skin. I also have little white postules? They're not whiteheads but they look white mostly around my mouth and neck, every so often I get a zit and lots of red marks. Its driving me insane. Right now im using Zia for men products, the skin clearing wash and scrub and benzoyl 10
  2. Or MyId whatever its called? I have pretty mild acne. Lots and lots of blackheads and little bumps, not THAT noticeable but enough for me, plus my skin is insanely oily and I get pimples quite a bit. Im currently using Zia for men face wash and scrub followed by Clearasil Benzoyl Peroxide 10%. Its doing an OK job, but I still have tons of blackheads and everything else I mentioned. Wondering if anyone used this product. I saw it on TV yesterday and it seemed kinda interesting. Thanks!
  3. got that right, and i hate the words im sorry, cause if you really were sorry you never would have done it to begin with.
  4. If I WOULD have implied that you weren't attractive, why on earth would you let that bother you when you know that I have no idea what you look like...? Attraction is not a choice. Good-looking guys most often have better personalities than not-so-goodlooking guys of obvious reasons. But if they do meet an awesome guy who really knows how to attract women, without being very goodlooking, there's no way that she'll completely eliminate him as a potential partner.
  5. Dude I totally feel your pain. I dated my ex for almost three years and after we broke it off I found out she had been cheating on me for over a year with 5 different guys! How dumb am i?
  6. Be confident, if someone doesnt like you for who you are then they are not worth it. Smile and say hi if they dont react nicely screw them
  7. I got all c's and d's in high school. I go to a school called Anna Maria in Massachusetts's and they are willing to take alot of people in. If thats what you want to do then do it but I was not good in high school and now im on my way to becoming a police officer. Theres always hope
  8. Ok I didnt know where to post this sooo um my ipod died dont wanna pay that much again. Can the sandisk mp3 work with itunes or can they be transfered to it?
  9. Ive seen ghosts at my house and dorm building. Im not gonna lie watching that video on youtube, i screamed like a little girl when that girl was standing in the bathroom, no way in hell am I sleeping after that.
  10. i hadnt drank in awhile it took a medium amount to get me drunk and no hangover or any bad reaction, im on zoloft for anxiety not depression though.