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  1. hi thanks for your reply. i am actually in the uk tho not the usa. and i only need one form of birth control although they say u have to use condoms too etc......the only options i am lead to believe are combined pill (the one they wont put me on coz of my slight hign blood pressure..but thats coz i hate it gettin done i even took t monitor home for 2 weeks and the results were okish) injection (stops periods altogether.cant do that) protegeon only pill (stops periods altogether,,,can't do that.
  2. hi has anyone else had the problem of their blood pressure and birth control?? i am 25 years old and been trying to get on the combination pill for 5 nearly 6 months now!!! the doctors say my blood presure is slightly hig so she won't put me on the pill..NO PILL MEANS NO ACCUTANE....anyways i am totally sick i am on mino at t min and my cysts are worse than b4 i think ive become immune..i been on everything i am 25 years old and had acne since i was about 14.......my derm is waitin to give me ac
  3. why can't you be on accunatne and play the oboe? i play t clarinet. i think you should try the acutant again coz if u don't do anything its not going to get sorted. i am 25 now and stil have acne, waiting to go onto accutane.....just try it. all my best to you. x
  4. i was just thinking..what if accutane doesn't work?? will the doctors just have to say sorry...nowt we can do and thats it?
  5. i am so glad to read these positive posts, i too have had acne for about 12 years maybe 13 and to read of people on accutant and having a better life becuase of theor skin being clear is just amazing..i am nearly through my tests hopefully and can be put on accutane after i get on t b.c pill..to have clear skin would be such a novelty to me and to be able to book things in advance ad noty have to wait until the last minute to decide if i can go judging on my skin. i will be able to just live and
  6. thankyou! yeah i am on the NHS and see my derm for free.thanx just wanted to know about the prescprption charges...thankyou..although i reckon if you got the money to go private...then you don;t have to wait months ad months in between visits on the waiting lists........ although i am still stayin on the nhs. Thanx
  7. how much is accutane in the uk?? i know usa have insurance and stuff but our system is completley different...so anyone in the UK who has been on accutane can u tell me how much it is?? thanx
  8. no its to do with my blood pressure i have white coat syndrome, which basically means i panic evertime they take my blood pressure as i hate it as soon as the cuff goes on my arm i get stressed and so my heart rate shoots up ansd so does t blood presure....so they can't get an accurate reading...i have loaned the blood pressure monitor for 2 weeks and my results were ok but they still not sure, so they doin other tests to try and see what my blood pressure is.......i am a bit scraed like i am on
  9. hiya! i can't believe no-ne has replied to your post!! so I am going to. i think its really great someone like you comes onto these boards with a postivie success story from being on accutane, i am a bit fed up of hearing all the nightmare horror stories and actualy reading a positvie story is a breath of fresh air. i am due to go on accutane soon after i get on the pill, but i am having a problem with my blood pressure and being described b.c...they even going so far to listenin to my heart and
  10. i must admit, my acne doesn't look *too* bad on here but my second pic of the cysts on my chin i couldn't load because the pic was too big...or summit......and when i get a cysts trhey can have 2-3 heads on them and my lips wsell up.ive even had a black eye from one near my eyebrow!!! i would do anything for clear skin......SICK of losing friends because i cancel social events becasue im "ill" (huge cyst, waited till last minute but in tears in front of t mirror coz t concealer just slides off t
  11. here is my acne....this is a modertae flare up for me.my skin had been rather bad the last few months...i am 25 now...i started taking antibiotsic in 1999 after about 2 years of acne..so id say ive had acne for about 9-10 years...been on tetracycline, enthroymcyin, doxycycline, dianette, trimeproprim (allrgic reaction) now on miocycline.....my derm done all my blood work for accutane and says i can go on it.......is my acne bad enough?? i mean im so scared of the side effects and i can NEVER hav