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  1. Hey guys, if you haven't heard about Etsy it's a great site kind of like ebay where people sell home made stuff. I just wanted to share this find: try this link just searching for "mineral makeup" and you'll find tons of stuff! I can't recommend any one place right now but try contacting the sellers that you think have fair prices and interesting products. Usually for a low fee or nothing at all they will totally customize things. This is really appealing to me because I can never find the right
  2. Squalene is actually a component of human sebum I'm glad that you're so happy with Jojoba though.
  3. Hi guys, I recently bought this cool charcoal soap and Squalene oil combo from Zaidat.com . You can also order stuff from her Etsy shop but she doesn't always have everything in stock there (she does have a full block of the charcoal soap though). Anyway I haven't used the soap long enough to have a good opinion. It isn't breaking me out but it has cocoa butter in it which may scare some people away. It feels pretty nice on my face and it's clean afterwards. That's all I can say so far. The sq
  4. If anything this is actually *safer* than buying these ones from australia and so on, given that the claims he makes about the needles being genuine tattoo needles is true...if tattoo needles caused serious problems with scarring they wouldn't be used! However this might be a big if...but I mean really, it at least is no worse than buying those 100 dollar ones from China/Australia whatever
  5. I kind of noticed that too. Also I noticed that this picture as well as the text of the auction were taken from other places without credit, which is bad...but if the product is cheap and works...I won't complain. The person in the thread above has some pictures and they are not photoshopped..she is not really scarred though.
  6. Hey guys. I found this thread talking about the DIY dermaroller here: http://labmuffins.com/MuffinTin/index.php?topic=9.105 It looks like you can adjust the length of the needles? Is that true?
  7. Neat, could you explain what it was like? Was the kit hard to make? Do you think it could be used without numbing cream...and could it be used on the face?
  8. Someone buy this and report For the record you can't overdose on vitamin C. Your body just doesn't use the excess. The worst you can get is mild diarrhea. Also I've been using copper peptides for a few days now with no adverse effects. Don't be scared...some people react differently. For example I can use the super 2x cream from skinbiology and afterwards my mom said "Don't use it, it will burn your face off", but I didn't feel a thing.
  9. Daily exfoliation and application of CP at night, as well as semi regular peels? That doesn't sound like too much to me...In the sigs people have here they use wayyy more than that,
  10. Oooh someone bought that one already...someone from here? If so could you report back to us? I'm not sure if it's supposed to be 2mm, I seem to remember ones that say .25 or something penetrating deeper than that even though they're not that long, or am I imagining things?
  11. Thanks guys. I bought the acne scarring kit from skinbiology and EpidermxII from another recommendation - I figure since I'm not going to get a dermaroller any time soon at these prices I need some kind of daily exfoliation to help the CP penetrate deeper that hopefully doesn't break me out. I may also buy TCA complex, but we shall see..I won't do that until I get home for break though (I don't want to be peeling and junk during finals) I don't expect it to suddenly get better for Christmas bu
  12. Well it's a kit for one thing...some assembly required I'm sure!
  13. Hi thanks for your reply. I think TCA cross may help but I'm scared that it will make things worse..the indentations are so small that you can't even feel them if you run your fingers across my face. Mostly it's just the ugly red color and stuff I'm worried about..Even though I really want to get rid of these marks I don't want to do anything *too* intense and end up with something even worse. For example my mum got a laser thing done and now she has a (barely noticeable) scar on her face...and
  14. I've done AHA peels and they didn't seem to help that much. I know this may not be scarring as much as some of the people on this board have but this is a lot different than the red marks I've had before. I also used AHA souffle for a time and it was nice but I didn't see any major results even when I went through 2 of them. Like I said my skin is very tough so I've switched to SA products, like Paula's Choice BHA 2% liquid. No major results on that either but in theory it should be stronger (or
  15. Hey guys, check out this link I found on ebay... This is very tempting but I'm not quite sure what the kit entails and it also makes it seem like you will have significant downtime after using it. I'd like something I could use every day...If anyone wants to contact the seller and ask him about it please do so, I'd be curious to hear what he has to say...I would ask myself but it's a shared account with someone else and I'm ebarassed to do so