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  1. Neosporin is aggravating and I read somewhere that it prevents collagen from forming. That is why you aren't supposed to scar as bad when you have a cut because it prevents the collagen from going out of control to produce a raised scar.
  2. Here is what I did today I got a shot of some Green Laser Light that is supposed to help the redness on my nose. The doc says it's because I have small veins close to the surface and that this laser will help close them off so it will rid me of the redness. I don't know how much it will cost as he did it for free but maybe you should look into that.
  3. Okay, so here's my story about the nose scar. Had a very deep one, used 100% TCA, now only looks like an overly enlarged scarred pore. It's the only thing that worked and I had to do it 5 times at the doctor's office. Had a mishap the last time at drs, but overall my scar looks a lot better than when I started. I have little scarred pores all over my nose and every time I get a zit, I get a new one. It drives me insane! I asked the plastic surgeon what I could do but he never gave me an answer.
  4. I went to the plastic surgeon office and I made an appointment for next week, she said it would get better. I don't know. It's a shallow/deep crater that is obvious because it is right where the light hits my nose. There has been no new scab formed on it so I think it's pretty set as it is but it is really red so it is still healing. I am putting moisturizer and neosporin on it. It's terrible that I went somewhere to get a little problem fixed and now I have a bigger problem. I have cried the la
  5. I went to a plastic surgeon to get it done. One of the girls in his office is the one to do it. I've had it done 4 or 5 times before with some results and this time she spread it on a larger part of my nose where the scar wasn't there and now I have a pit and my nose looks a little puckered. UGH!
  6. Okay, I had TCA 100% done on a spot on my nose last week, the girl who did it got it somehow on a large area of nose instead of the spot and I had a large scab, the scab came off and now I have another pit or "pool", what can I do?? I'm going to cry and scream! It's very red and I don't know if it's going to get better or if it's going to get worse. HELP!
  7. I've had 3 sessions of 100% TCA cross treatment on a scar located on my nose. I would have to say that I have at least 50% improvement and am grateful for it. I did microdermabrasion and glycolic peels and have spent so much money for this one scar and am glad to have found something that actually gives a result. I recommend it for anyone who is thinking about it and would love to refer anyone in the Arizona area to my doctor.
  8. Yes, of course but it is much redder than before, I've had it done twice before. I think it just needs to settle a little more but I could be wishful thinking and will call the dr.'s office tomorrow.
  9. I think it's starting to settle. Sometimes it looks worse when the scab first comes off and then gets better. Anyways, it's more the redness that worries me. I think I'm suffering from a bit of hyperpigmentation.
  10. I had TCA done on a scar for the third time last week. I stupidly picked at the scar today and realize that the scar looks even bigger than before! It's never looked like this after treatment and it looks a little flatter but wider and looks like it has a landing pad/saucer thing going on around it. What do I do?? I want to cry!
  11. I had TCA cross on one scar last Tuesday. I never got a dark scab only a white/light light light brown one that is still there today almost a week later. I'm also peeling in a circle around the small scab but don't want to exfoliate because I don't want to accidentally pull the scab off. It's important to let it come off on its own time. I don't know if the tech pushed the pick hard enough into the scar but I did feel a small amount of poking and the entire scar did foam up from the chemical so
  12. it was 100% and I'm glad to hear that it takes a couple of days. It is more flesh-toned in parts and white in others. I put sunscreen on and it made it stick out a little more as a white spot but nothing bad. I guess I was just expecting some drasticly bad scab on there right away.
  13. I had cross therapy yesterday on one scar. It looked foamy white when I left and now it just looks like a white shell molded to the scar. The nurse said it was supposed to be black today but it's still only whiteish. Did she not do it right or something? I haven't touched it.
  14. It's a boxcar on my nose which has been hard to find anyone to treat since the skin is thick and it's hard to know how the skin will react. It's wider than a pen point and kind of deep. I am doing it out of a plastic surgeon's office and the consultant had said it was $275 to do TCA on the whole face and only $50 since it's just a spot. I'm doing it at 100% and she said it would take several sessions. I saw a couple of before and after pics and I'm quite excited to see how my results will be.
  15. I went today to a doctor's office and they recommended TCA cross method for my scar. They said it would be $50 per session since it is only a spot treatment. I'm curious as to how much others pay and if they have seen results and after how many sessions. I know there are other threads on this subject but they get to a billion pages long and my eyes can only scan through so much.