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  1. i LOVE their products in terms of smell/color/packaging and all that but my skin absolutely HATES them. havent been using them for the past 8 years or so as I always have a really bad reaction after using any of them.
  2. nimegen is like Accutane. works great for some people but terrible side effects can happen. singapore doctors really dont want to prescribe this unless forced to. I have been asking most of the doctors I see to get me on a prescription of these for the past 2-3 years to no success. U need a blood test and a liver check before you can go on it though
  3. washing the face makes it very dry so try to do it twice a day only. moisturize alone after that might work but not recommended. i prefer to use AHA in situations like these
  4. i wouldn't recommend vit C but u try it first. what matters is the timing that you take them as well as the dosage. If you take zinc right after your meals, you might as well junk them right now and save yourself the hassle. Take them right before you sleep (and no meals for maybe 2 hours beforehand) and with selenium
  5. of course swallow the entire capsule/pill. Haven't you taken one before?
  6. Read this http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...t&p=2816188
  7. the aha wouldnt dry out (mine had a lid which wouldnt close due to some damage) but anyway, just keep it cap facing up to prevent leakage (which was what happened to mine....1/2 of it just spilled out) keep it away from heat as well or else you will get a wet mess on your hands....
  8. Ok, some tips - its important to note that 50mg of zinc is the recommended stable dose. Note, 50mg of elemental zinc. Some forms of zinc lists 50mg of zinc for example, only contain 15mg of elemental zinc. Take as appropriate to 'fill' up the level - when needed, its ok (for the short term) to take up to 200+ mg of zinc. Just don't take it too often (2 weeks on end or more etc). Many people has attested to its efficiency at solving a 'crisis'. Note, taking more than this will be very toxic and
  9. so talking to girls now don't just give you cooties, but acne as well?!? awww, that sucks!!! lol, this thread got me rofl-ing
  10. So you are saying that 5-HTP is inherently not suitable to be used? What time do you recommend takeing Tryptophan and with or without meals? Been taking insitol hexanicotinate (non-flush niacin) for the past few days with meals to see if it works. 500mg-1000mg a day Seeing that I don't like pineapples, I'll try to research on what else I can take. Thanks for your comments so far. I myself have taken 1100mg of saw palmetto supplements from NOW Food for the past 5 months to no effect (bes
  11. ok, Im taking this form as well. When do you take it and is it with meal, right before meal, or on an empty stomach??
  12. depends on the shipping method you use. Generally its yes but if you choose flat rate shipping, its the same as long as it is within the limit of the box
  13. Ok, are we talking about Niacinamide or Niacin (as inositol hexanicotinate) here? both are flush-free . which is better? I understand the 500mg dosage thing but not which form of niacin is better
  14. Hi databased, if I were to take a L-tryptophan supplement, what kind of dosage will you recommend? I'm thinking that any tryptophan will be unnecessary as what you said, the liver converts it at a 60-1 ratio to niacin. From my readings so far, I'm inclined to believe that this will occur unless you are on a ridiculous dosage of niacin, and even so, the liver will still does it work. 500mg tryptophan -> 80mg niacin, not even 1g. Hence I find it rather pointless. As from our previous messages