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  1. has anyone taken joint support formulas while on accutane? did they help to prevent joint pain?
  2. Dr. Dan's Cortibalm is great, too. You can get it online or your derm's office might have it, too.
  3. my T-zone is suddenly covered with blackheads...its quite wretched looking and feels awful to. i never suffered from blackheads before. does anyone know - is this just par for the IB course? are they being "pushed to the surface"? and most importantly, will they too go away once the drug is really working?
  4. i've heard that Dr. Dan's Cortibalm is good...you can get it at dermastore.com or possibly your pharmacy
  5. how common are dry eyes? i'm on the computer about 6 hrs a day for work, which doesn't help, but my eyes are definitely dry and feel more strained at the end of the day than before i started the accutane. is this serious or do other people experience an increase in general eye dryness? my vision isn't changing, its just like my eyes are literally dry and tired. also, i feel like a have a million little black heads suddenly that have sort of pushed up half-way -- will accutane push them out/
  6. yeah - it also seems like my skin is pinker and i sometimes get these wierd, like, kind of pins-and-needles spots too. very strange. its tolerable, but annoying.
  7. i can only describe this as, like, a hot flash of the skin on my face. it feels like its sunburned, but its not peeling and its even still a bit oily. (i'm on week three at 60 mg / day). is this normal? and is there relief? thanks guys!
  8. A bad headache is one that feels like a knife is stuck in your eye and being twisted slowly. Your vision gets all messed up and you can't be near light or sound and you feel like you are going to puke (and somethies you do actually puke). That is a bad headache. But it's not due to brain swelling......that's a migraine. The risk of brain swelling on Accutane is very rare, so long as you don't take -cyclin antibiotics, and even then....it's still rare. On Accutane headaches are usually cause
  9. i have to admit i'm slightly paranoid about all these side effects...and i woke up this morning with a slight headache. are some headaches normal at the beginning? what makes a headache bad enough to signal a problem with brain pressure? thanks guys!
  10. hi all, i'm on accu for 3 days only so far -- and last night i had a little bit of red blood in my stool. had anyone else had this?? i really really don't want to have to stop taking it, but i'm also worried this is serious. thanks!