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  1. Something very interesting and somewhat alarming happened to me recently, but first, some basic background. I'm 21, and I've had acne since I was 14, in varying levels, from mild to moderate, getting worse and better as the battle lines kept changing, as it were. In later years, there were certainly times it could be labeled as severe, what with red marks and scars growing more numerous. This whole time, it's always been confined to my face, with perhaps a little bit on my shoulders and upper
  2. Symphony X - Communion and the Oracle. http://www.entropyawaits.net/josh/SXCommun...ndTheOracle.mp3 LISTEN TO THIS SONG.
  3. What you do for yourself won't last. What you do for others goes on forever.
  4. This has been well documented, but your friend's dad wasnt just trying to make you feel better by saying youre pretty before mentioning acne. More or less the truth. Your acne seems a lot like mine, but a bit more "concentrated". That is, more in one area, and thus less/none in other areas. But overall really similar. Theres no getting around it: it doesnt look good, on you or me both. But your pics underscore how there can be more catching features One thing I'll mention while I'm at i
  5. EXACTLY the same as I feel. Flourescant lighting=scary. I can still manage, but there is a considerable aversion. Other than that...I don't know. I know this doesnt make any sense, but sometimes it seems like I'm afraid of lighting more when I'm alone (!). Like when I walk out the door in the morning. Nobody is around, but I know that that sunlight is making me far worse than what I saw in the mirror moments prior, and it's like "damn, do I really have to go out?!", lol. When somebody is
  6. I decided to start this today, I don't have the baking soda yet but went ahead and used the egg/lemon mask. In a span of twenty minutes, my skin tone was more even and the severity of marks diminished I can't even really say exactly what it's done that looks better, but I just look better/cleaner. Dayum. I'll update with how I'm doing and if I like it, lay out exactly what I'm doing every day. As for loading a spray bottle marxs, I don't see why that wouldn't work, but I'm not sure how eve
  7. Alisha, your skin is VERY similar to mine...a nose wracked with blackheads, flanked on both sides by that huge pore/ice pick mess, turning into many red marks and a few pimples on the cheeks. Using just about anything with SA or GA seems to reduce the appearance of the pores there, upon close inspection I realize mine are smaller than they used to be...though it might be the vinegar too. Now that I think about it, my face does look a bit better than usual right now, but let me tell you...no ma
  8. My eyes water when I apply vinegar (they sting too for that matter). Sometimes after I apply BP at night, I'll yawn and my eyes will water up, and the tears will mix with the BP and burn my eyes. Now that sucks. --J
  9. I used Eucerin Renewal as soon as I began the reg, and it burned when I put it on. ...my point? None at all, LOL. So it'll sting. Whatever. --J
  10. Dang, Night. That was even meaner than my post
  11. I see what you're talking about and I know what it's like, but if all you want from her is a piece of ass, can't say I give much a damn anyway. If you were looking for somebody to have a relationship with, it'd be different, but if you're just worried about getting laid...whatever. A lot of people will probably think I'm being mean. As you will, then... --J
  12. Hmm...I went and picked up some of the Phisoderm stuff. Whats odd, though, is that its ingredients are different than what is listed on the drugstore.com website. But the bottles definately look exactly the same. On drugstore.com, lactic acid is listed as an ingredient, but on mine, it's not. It just has SA 2%. In fact the entire inactive ingredients list is different than on the website. It has a lot of the same stuff, but theres changes and it's in a different order. Hrm. I was liking
  13. I take Evolution X, and as per the procedure they recommend, I take 10g's daily (20 pills, 500mgs each). I spread it all out of course in 4 doses. My experience with B5, was this...I got Evo X a while ago, and just as I ran out of the stuff, my father said I was practially totally clear, joking "it's a miracle!". He claimed a 90% improvement; this was a stretch, lighting was good at the time. Nonetheless, improvement was profound. Anyway, since I ran out, I broke out again and now I'm back
  14. You sound really sensitive to BP. Just about everybody gets those symptoms when they start using BP, but not that bad and you're only quickly washing with it and rinsing off. If you want to use BP I would recommend something with less BP in it, like 2.5%. I don't think you are well suited to a 10% product. But then of course, it wouldn't be blotchla's regimen anymore --J