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  1. He everyone! Its a long time since I posted here. My first post here was almost ten years ago. I was having acne on my back, chest and face. On my face it was mainly my chin and it was cystic. I remember the days when I posted here, I was so scared. Scared the acne would never go away. Scared the regimen did not work on me. Scared I would never be able to get off the regimen. And thats why I want to post here. People told me that when someone uses the regimen and it works, the person does
  2. Really thanks already for the responses. I find it interesting to see the results.
  3. I know there is a huge topic already about fish oil, but it's kind of lacking structure. There are people saying its the best thing ever, and there are people who say it doesn't help and even claim its bad for you. I want to structure the way you think of it. I want to know a couple of things from you, I hope you can answere these questions one by one. You can give a little explanation with it. These questions will be good to think about for yourself, and give an overall view of what people t
  4. I started using them both last week till now (like 5 days?) And it works really well against blackheads. BHA alone doesnt work anymore. So ik use AHA+ on top of the BHA every morning. Hope it keeps working.
  5. First year I only used paula's choice 2% liquid. The effect stopped after couple of weeks. Last week I started using AHA+ ON TOP of the 2% liquid. This really worksl wil post a topic if it keeps working
  6. Even better, I have cystic acne and once a day works. I have post this a lot of times but people don't seem to try it. For me, a higher % worked better. I used 2,5%, but because my acne is pretty stubbern and cystic at some places, it didn't work. So i tried 5% twice a day, and this got me clear. Then i thought: Why not use 10% once a day. And with some jojoba oil at night and in the morning, this worked without drying my skin. Been on the regimen for like 3/4 years with a lot of trail and er
  7. Reminds me of that Snickers commercial "I wonder where my hunger went?" ok
  8. I also think it needs to be taken off. I mean, it's kind of silly if you think about it, if someone is suffering from something, and you get products for it, you don't want other people to see what your suffering from. THAT'S ALSO ONE OF THE REASONS WHY YOU BUY THE PRODUCTS, TO GET RID OF IT. how about: DEPRESSION.ORG BALDNESS.ORG etc. I know we are a community, but we are one because we suffer. I hide my bottles so no one can see the word 'acne' on it. Why in the world would you want other
  9. For me, a higher % worked way better. My cysts only get away with 10% (once a day!, or 5% twice a day), 2,5% twice a day didn't work for me, i'm sure.
  10. If acne was a monster, I'd give him so much milk that he would suffer from acne to
  11. She was one of the hottest girls ive ever seen. This changed her personality 100%
  12. haha.. sorry, I will. Some days are just to crap
  13. Fuck I hate this shit. I wish I could express the anger I feel right now. I don't care how i'm going to do this, but I FUCKING WILL, GET, CLEAR . Fuck you acne, it's battletime, and I will kick your shitty ass back where ever the shit you came from.
  14. To be honest, that's your own lack of good judgment (in whatever context you mean by "being used"). That must be an incredibly hard and painful thing to go through. /sarcasm You two do realize that you are on an acne website, right? How do you think this shit makes people with severe acne or scars feel? You're trying to tell people that looks aren't important right after you boast about your good looks and popularity with the opposite sex. Thats like telling a starving person th