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  1. I had Co2 done back a few years ago with little to no improvement at all. The recovery took a lot more than expected. My doctor told me i would be ok after 2 weeks but the reality is that the redness took probably 1 year if not more to fade completely. I did not have the whole face done but only 2 spots on my face were treated. I've heard worse stories out there... I have no idea if the co2 laser changed much since my treatment but i personally would not try it again for a whole year of down
  2. I had co2 laser back in 2000. The redness lasted about 1 year. But after a week you surely can apply some make up. If you're very light skin and would be ready to try make up i would suggest you try Clean and Clear ADVANTAGE Concealing Treatment Stick http://www.cleanandclear.ca/en/prod_detail...mp;productpos=0 but since you maybe live in Spain, i don't know if you could find this product. It's best product i ever tried to cover redness, works very well. I'm sorry for you and i wish you the b
  3. I remember those days man, hell on earth. The best is to pop them when you can see a white head if not i'd have to wait for it to stop hurting before percing it with a needle. I woke up this morning with one on my right ear, i realised it was there when i was taking a shower and 3 hours later it's not even there anymore. It's weird. Best of luck
  4. I'm interested in self needling too and since i have like 5 scars i would like to treat them individually, so i was wondering if accupuncture needles could work? Also, how deep should a needle enter the skin so that it can be effective in treating scars?
  5. It's the same for everyone depending on the severity of their scars. The wrost thing is when you catch a glimpse of yourself under a really bad lighting, it can instantly make you feel like shit. The best is to try to avoid mirrors except if you really like to torture yourself psychologically.
  6. Thx for your post boyo. I'm going to give it a try. How many times a week can you do that?
  7. Intended scars can get better over time it depends on how deep it is. If the indented scar is really red it will look less depressed when it will become skintone color but harsh lighting is always a bitch. I had mine for over 10 years and trust me i've seen alot of improvement. But you have to take care of your face on a regular basis. I attribute the improvement mostly on exfoliation of dead skin cells with a washcloth right after i get out of shower. I know it sounds weird but you have t
  8. I just bought some of those click here with some B12. Cost me around 30 bucks. Hope i'll see some result. This combine with some baking soda exfoliation, retinol cream and vit c daily might give some result for shallow scars. ?? I'll try and see.
  9. I can relate to step 1 but i can't to the others. I always had supportive parents and since my mother has scars she knew what i'd have to go through from the day i told her about my first scars and how i was emotionally dealing with that. The funny thing is that i never realized she had scars until i started having mine. But i can totally relate to being depressed and having low self-esteem.
  10. I looked at myself in a mirror under the sun today. Gosh i look bad. So depressing.
  11. I'm 27. I've had scars since i was 18-19. I feel like scarring and acne in general stole me many years but it's just recently (4-5 years) that i've rediscovereded ways of enjoying life again.
  12. I think i'm with =Kaori= on this. Tumeric is probably good for redmarks but for atrophic scars i really doubt it. Sorry to be negatif but damn curing atrophic scars seems like impossible. Helio, you say your family has been using this to treat some deep scars. Are these scars still there today? Sometimes it's hard to tell from the different angles and lighting we look at them. It's sometimes even hard for me to tell if i have scars but some are still very apparent. I really hope the best for
  13. Hi there, I use to have really bad acne from age 15 to age 23. What got rid of my acne was benzamycin. Probably the only thing that really worked. Here in canada you need a prescription for it. Believe me it really worked like magic for me. Anyone who used that stuff and didn't get any good result?
  14. Ok they call this body modification. Look the raised bumps on this guy's head http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2018226334/ What if someone had scars on his forehead for exemple and decided to place a little balls under it to raise the scars? (not as raised as in the picture)