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  1. My experience

    latest Plea to Derm

    Trying to convice my derm to put me back on accutane.
  2. Hey so my derm gave me Accutane... im about a week in. I didnt even mention it he put me on it with his own free will... Super happy.
  3. OMG where do u guys live. I live in Australia and have no insurance and all i had to pay was $150 for derm visit (but got $65 back from government) and then $35 for the accutane per month. I cant imagine ever having to pay for bloodtests its all free over here with or without insurance.
  4. To be honest u are wasting ur time. With acne like urs u need to go to the derm and get some help. By the sounds of it u need accutane. Ths probably will be the only thing that will clear u up. I requested it and i only have mild acne and its awesome. Good luck
  5. I think u should go on Accutane... I was on it 6 byrs ago when I was about 15 and it cleared me up for like 6 yrs. Ive just recently gone back on it to help clear some acne thats starting to come back. Accutane is a miracle drug and I will reccomend to everyone. Ive tried other things and nothing has work. Some thing have bad side effects as well. I gained 12kg's with the last drug I tried. So basically I think u should do it cause with everything in life u have to make sacrifices. And I will
  6. Hey everyone.... I have fairly mild acne atm (only cause im on diane 35 and proactiv) even with these 2 its still a bit of a mess. Was wondering if anyones had any luck convincing a derm to put them on accutane. I was on it yrs ago and it worked wonders.
  7. My experience

    Skin age 23

    Just having come off proactiv cause its a waste of time and money. I hope this is the worst my skin will flare up. Im back on cetaphil now.
  8. Hi, I have been using proactiv for about 10 months and its not really helping with my skin, I stil get really bad breakouts so I wanna stop using it but im afraid that ill break out really bad. Does anyone have any advice. I wanna start using Cetaphil again. Should I wean myself off proactiv like only use it in the morning and cetaphil at night.... then only every second day etc till im off it? Please Help???
  9. Hi everyone... I have heard that saunas can be good for acne skin. I have moderate acne atm so wanted to know before I went into a sauna if anyone knows if it will inflame my skin? Thanks.
  10. My experience


    Pictures of the Acne and scaring that I have atm.