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  1. I used it for a long time when I first started but I found it wasn't helping and somewhat making it worse towards the end of my using it. I stopped using it and I have no more dry skin.
  2. I started doing this on Sunday, it's now Wensday and it seems to be helping. At first it made my skin alot worse with the flaking but now it's getting better. My cheeks where I use it most look so soft.
  3. I'm sure it won't last long. It seems alot of people seem to think that just water works and they break out the next week or two. Good luck though.
  4. I use mostuizer on my acne too. I thought you were supposed to :think:
  5. If it's still helping you not be as bad then why not stay on it? Or switch up your products like someone else suggested.
  6. My skins always really dry. Can you apply straight aloe? Dose it matter what brand?
  7. I saw it in a magazine and was wondering if anyone has this or has tried it. It dosen't make you clear or prevent pimples but when you have one supposidly it takes it away fast. Here's a picture of one. http://images.amazon.com/images/G/01/hpc/d...e/zeno-2-lg.jpg I was thinking of buying one before I tried DKR.
  8. My friend says that her acne clears up in the summer. Last summer is when I first started getting ance, I was totally clear before. I have been on DKR for I think a week now (maybe less) and I'm almost clear. I never did anything at all for my skin in the summer either though so it will be interesting to see what happens. I also tan really well so hopefully that will help. I think I'd much rather have a tan then be putting gross sunscreen on my face which for me would probly make me worse. Wo