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  1. day 88...i had my derm appointment today..i got bumped up to 80mg a day and the derm said that i will stay on 80mg for the rest of my course...he said that i should be done in 5 months but if my skin isn't clear i'd do 6 months...my only side side effect through the whole course has been dry/chapped lips...the derm gave me a prescription for my lips, i forget what the name of it is though...some kind of vasoline type deal so the huge scabs and marks from the horrid breakout i had the other we
  2. hey Azrael...thanks for the support...i think things will get better for me in the near future...goodluck to you on your second course!...i'll be checkin in on ya
  3. day 84...worse and worse...face looks pretty disgusting i think...had huge things on the corners of my mouth, popped them now they are raw and scabbing...the overall look my my face is just horrid...so uneven and unhealthy looking...the past few days my skin has been so dry, almost immediately when i get out of the shower or wash my face my skin gets so flaky... does anyone have issues with their face exploding in flakes and dryness after eating or moving your move around/make facial expression
  4. day 81...unfortunately things are still pretty crappy...face has 3-5 really big scabs along with red marks....and its weird that during the past two days my faces has been really really dry...i havent had dry skin up to this point.....i just really hope that i turn a corner soon and things start to improve...month 3 is almost over
  5. hey kiwi...i know exactly how you feel...im day 77....just a few days ago my face went to complete crap after being good for awhile...that morning wake to the bathroom mirror is always the hardest...and just like you, my mood and wanting to see people heavily depends on my face status...i wish you the best of luck!
  6. day 74....things have gone to complete crap...my face is ridiculous right now...the bump on the right side of my nose was getting larger and worse so i finally had to pop it...now im left with a huge open wound along with another one of the same on the left side of my nose...i have tons of scabs and red marks around my mouth from little whiteheads that came up the past few days...its just really really bad right now...im gonna need a few days for my face to recovery from this disaster and get ba
  7. day 72....looks like things are on the downswing again...the red pump on the right side of my nose is big and swollen...now that its been there for almost 2 days, i dont think its going to form a white head....could it be a cyst?...i dont really get those....any suggestions on how to reduce the swelling or redness of it?...i need to get that bad boy down before thursday night
  8. day 71....this past weekend was great...skin looked really good and i had a blast with my friends at the bar...yesterday though a few new things popped up...got two red pumps on the sides of my nose...i have a feeling they will turn into whiteheads in the next day or so....besides that, things are well....again, no side effects expect for dry lips
  9. thanks nomattic...your incites and words of wisdom always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, along with having to take a shit....haha im a big fan of your log....your a funny dude... day 67....things are calming down a bit...scabs are basically all healed and now just some red marks remain...im really really looking to see the improvement in skin texture as the following weeks come
  10. ok well now im certain that today is day 66....my wounds are healing from the bad breakout i had the other day...the scabs are falling off and now just some red marks are left...i think what i dont like most about my skin is the tone and texture...it just upsets me when i see my face in daylight or very bright lights...you can see my large pores and bumps...anyone have good results in terms of skin texture from accutane?
  11. been awhile since i've updated...i've been hangin around the site but just haven't updated my log...as it stands now im up to day 64 i think....im now just starting month 3...im up to 70mg a day now this past month has been kinda rough...tons and tons of ups and downs...one day things are awesome and the next day is complete shit...im still breaking out a bunch...right now i have about 5 or 6 big scabs from breakouts...skin tone and texture is shit... i expected these kinds of ups and downs...
  12. they jammie...goodluck on your course!...im about a month and a half into accutane...i was doing 40mg for the first month now on 60mg for the second month...i think in the beginning of the course your skin might get worse because you stopped using topicals....just be ready for a roller coaster ride for the first month or so...lots of ups and downs...and like you, my acne has been mild at best but still really bothers me...i wish you all the best!
  13. I see why you mentioned my B&W photo, you have one yourself ;) <3

  14. its been awhile since i've updated...so heres the scoop for days 21-31...things have been so so lately...a lot of ups and downs...i think im getting clear and the next thing i know i break out again...skin has been looking uneven and blotchy for the past week or so... today i went to the derm and got a new prescription for the second month...im now up to 60mg a day...she said i would probably go up to 90mg per day at some point because im 6'4" 190lbs...she said all my blood work was good and t
  15. haha...box-o-wine is always a good choice