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  1. No, the white blood cells are a part of your inflammatory response. They attack the infection in your pores from the p. acnes bacteria and build up causing the white puss and the scar forms from the loss of tissue due to the build up of cells and rupture of your pore. I think the high dose of vitamin A causes the pore to reduce and stop producing oil thus the reduced room to accommodate the buildup and increased scarring. Ironic isn't it?
  2. Really? Well I found an article that says that the damage does alter the DNA. The following excerpt is from an msn article entitled, "Why are scars permanent?": "Skin cells regenerate from the bottom up, with a turnover time of roughly one month.You can think of the epidermis (the top layer of skin that you see) as a staircase,says Newman,where the bottom stair is the base of the epidermis and the top stair is exposed to the air. New epidermal cells are formed by cell division at the bottom o
  3. Your DNA is intact, the scar is the result of a repair job that doesnt look right or tissue loss that is no replaced It really has almost nothing to do with DNA.
  4. The amount of medical disinformation on these boards amazes me. Insulin resistance is a lot bigger problem than acne. If you have it then you should talk to a doctor. NOT a bunch of kids on an acne message board. You could be setting yourself up for a bunch of problems down the line. How do you know you are insulin resistant? You gave absolutely no evidence of it and it has very little to do with acne. Get your blood sugar checked at a doctor. if you are as thin as you have said, you are at
  5. I know people on this board get their hopes up with the advent of new treatments for scarring, but I have to say I have been researching treatments for maybe 5 years and I have yet to see anything with real efficacy. I really want to believe there are treatments that work, but I am thoroughly convinced that the medical community, with few exceptions, takes scarring as a joke and as a way to make more money preying upon people's insecurity. That said I tried needling a year ago beginning in Aug
  6. telling a girl about your feelings for her is the worst things you can do man. She not only will think you are a wuss-bag, you will kill the obvious sexual tension between you two. If anything kiss her and if she kisses back you're golden, however since you havent made a move on her yet she probably thinks of you as a friend.Generally if she flirts with you that much she has interest and telling her how you feel will KILL the sexual tension instantly, which results in friendship. She's got
  7. i have had this scar from a zit for like 1.5 years and recently i notice some of my whiskers growing through the middle of it. It has improved greatly and does this mean it is not really a scar?
  8. i dont mean to cop an attitude, but nobody answered my question
  9. i have a few red marks and when i dont shave for a few days hair grows through them. I wouldnt think hair would grow in a scar or does it?
  10. it says on the benzaclin instructions to use only a small amount and if it leaves a white film you used too much. I end up using such a small amount i dont know if it does anything. My question is how much should i be using?
  11. Im a guy and i got acne when i was 17 and i am 20 now i was wondering when it usually starts to go away? i use differin too and was wondering what the difference between the cream and gel is? it seems to work alright although my acne is more mild.
  12. my grandfather had acne from age 12 to 24 or so and most of his face has the rolling type of scarring. My mother got a few pimples and my dad said he never had a problem with it, neither of them have scars and neither does anybody else in my family that i have seen. I got acne around age 17 and have had 2 real breakouts since (i am 20) one of them when i was about 18.75, i feel left a few scars but only in a very localized area,about 1 sqr inch near the corners of my mouth and very ocassionally
  13. ive been using differin for about 8 monthes and it has led me to question whether applying adapalene or any other acne topical to your face every night might predispose you to skin cancer? sort of like tar from cigarettes constantly in contact with lung surfaces.