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  1. Green Eyes. Celiacs seem to have 4 major intolerances: Dairy, Grains, Nightshades and Legumes. Don't test all of these foods at once. Introduce 1 of these catagories with a resting space of about 1 week between each. Don't test nightshades by eating bell peppers. Eat a raw tomato or two. Legumes --- sounds like you are legume intolerant as many celiacs are (think: soy intolerance). To get clear skin and to fix your intestinal permeability, start avoiding other legumes including coffee, c
  2. Betaine has corn and dairy in it, I believe. Do your other products have those ingredients? If you are avoiding grains and dairy, then this could be a trigger. Btw, I found that supplements held me back from healing. Sure, they were keeping my acne under control, but I could not stop taking them or my skin would break out within days. I was trapped in a vicious cycle. I finally had to stop taking all the supplements for 2 months and finally my skin has gotten a lot better. I have a grain
  3. I notice that a lot of people have trouble with proteins if they have weak stomach acid. I have also noticed that a lot of people who remove grains from their diet say their stomach acid improves. Mine certainly did. At the same time, removing grains usually clears the acne too.
  4. Unfortunately, did anyone notice that the NEW FOOD PYRAMID --- has been changed to the Food Plate... and that DAIRY is a requirement? I can't believe they put dairy as a requirement when they KNOW that 80% of the world is lactose intolerant and doesn't even need dairy. Obviously, someone might be receiving $$$$. http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/06/02/usda.....html?hpt=hp_c1
  5. Hope1986, eliminating every trace of grain was harder than I thought. I was vegan when I eliminated the grains and when I recently tried to re-add eggs to my diet, I had a gluten-like reaction to the eggs because the hens are fed soy and corn. I probably would not have ever noticed this if I had always had eggs in my diet. I can eat eggs that come from hens fed a grain-free, soy-free diet (when I visited a friend) but I haven't been able to find anyone selling those eggs. My diet is very
  6. The yellowish tint is because your body is not using beta carotene properly and the red tint is obviously due to extreme inflammation due to something in your diet. You aren't converting the beta carotene properly because -again- you are eating a food that is causing problems in your body. You probably have an intolerance. What are the ingredients in your fish oil supplement? There are probably extra ingredients like grains or soy. You should stop taking all supplements and you should try
  7. Yes, that began happening to me a few years ago. Flax seeds gave me cysts! Anyway, over the course of 3 years, I noticed that this reaction happened when I ate other seeds too. Every few months, I became more sensitive to another type of seed and then nuts. I found I was grain intolerant (which is very common on this forum) and that eating grains was over activating my entire immune system and I was becoming sensitized to other foods. This could be your case unless over time you notice t
  8. Without spending the money, you can look over all the collected accounts of people who have cleared their face on this forum. About 30% clear their face by removing dairy and about 40% clear their face by eliminating grains from their diet (including rice). Another large percentage clear their acne by also eliminating legumes as well as grains. These are two foods that nature never intended humans to eat in large quantities.
  9. Well, a sensitivity or allergy supposedly is lessened or goes away completely after several months of avoiding the food. An intolerance never goes away -- in fact the reaction is a lot worse after avoiding it for several months.
  10. Ohh, thanks for response. I think I will start trying to drink aloe vera juice again. 2 months ago, before I quit eating grains, I was even overly sensitized to aloe vera and had extreme diarrhea for 2 days after having a sip. Maybe things will be better now .
  11. So, since going grain-free, my food sensitivities began disappearing. I can now eat certain nuts without breaking out but ---- best of all ---- I ate lentils yesterday and my skin is perfect today. Usually, I should be awakening with 15 huge infections that ooz for days and my skin should start filling with blackheads. But none of this happened. My skin is fine. I removed all legumes from my diet for 9 months to allow my immune system to calm down. According to doctors, it takes about 6 mo
  12. Ascorbic Acid is vitamin C but corn is the most common source. In fact, every company I've called derives vitamin C from corn except for one -- there is one brand that uses cassava but then they use a corn alcohol. I'm still undecided about how beneficial legumes are to our diets. I think they might be like grains -- they are packed with nutrients but they are also called an anti-nutrient for a reason. They cause gastrointestinal distress in many people and nature never intended us to eat th
  13. OK...let's get real here. If celiac disease and sensitivity to gluten grains runs in your family....to start, regardless of what the "tests" indicate, have you given up gluten yet? Peace Yep! I gave up gluten about 2 months ago. so far, hasn't really had a noticeable effect on my skin. nonetheless, I much prefer gluten free, and it's really easy to do in my house I get tested for celiac disease about once a year. You aren't gluten intolerant, you are grain intolerant. I am a
  14. Okay, how do they test you for gluten intolerance? If it was the traditional Celiac Blood test, it has an accuracy rate of around 30% (or LESS). No one I know has been accurately diagnosed by that test. I tested negative and so did all my friends who now know they are severe Celiacs. If it was an allergy test, allergy tests cannot diagnose gluten intolerance. The only decent test available is a stool test by EnteroLab for $130.
  15. You are gluten intolerant and that is obvious. The classic signs of the disease are canker sores, depression, irritability, chronic infections, joint pain and the other symptoms you listed. You should get yourself tested by EnteroLab for $130.