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  1. I swear by Skinmedica Ultra Sheer moisturizer. It is the only moisturizer that moisturizes my skin without making it oily and will not clog pores. I follow it up with the Skinmedica Everyday Clear sunscreen for SPF, and the combo of the two work great together.
  2. Hello I have been using the proactiv repairing 2.5 BP lotion but thinking of switching to the acne.org BP gel. I was just wondering how this works under makeup? I love the proactiv because it mattifies my skin and is a perfect base for makeup (with moisturizer and sunscreen on top). Does the acne.org BP gel work well under makeup? Does it absorb into the skin without a film and not cause any pilling with other products applied on top? Thanks so much.
  3. Gosh, I remember finding this site when I was struggling with my teenage acne 15 or so years ago. I just recently came across it again, as I am now 30 and my acne is flaring up. Some months and years have been better than others as with all who suffer from adult acne, but it just recently has become the worst it has ever been. I've tried it all - lots of BP regimens (but never Dan's). I used Proactiv for years did help a little, but nothing that stuck. For about 2 years now, I have been usi