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  1. I think the scars need time to heal. I am very happy that your skin is good. keep in touch.
  2. haha, no, i dont have a dead skin mask because i wash my face every day. my skin look better but it not perfect, It has many bruises. I think the skin needs more time to recover. how is your skin?
  3. good. i only wash my face with water in the morning and i feel good. although sometime i still have acne. I just ignored it and did not look at the mirror anymore.
  4. Hi nick. Thank you verry much about your post. I am also many acne, it is bad. How often do you wash your face a day. Thank you
  5. thank you , dona. i hope you and me are better, Fighting
  6. hi, donna, how are you. how is your skin? i am still in the caveman regimen, it is about 1,5 month. now, i am better, but some time i have 1,2 break out. i belive it will hope me, hihi =)
  7. hi donna. thank you for your update. i am in 3 week, i still had a lot of acne but it is small, dead skin is very bad. i think i am continute for regeman about 3 month. i hope your skin is better. fighting. =))
  8. Week 2, my deadskin is verry bad. I have so many little acne and my skin is red. I hope it will better
  9. I think tomatoes are good for normal skin, but it is not a good idea with the skin is acne. I've covered everything that people told them to treat my acne, but it makes my skin worse. I will not wash with 100% in the first month and will wash every 2 weeks, today is the 3rd day I did not wash, oil and dead skin a lot, have sprouted 1.2 acne but I feel it is better. therefore, I think not need to hear any more comments yet. and will not apply anything to my face again. the hope is that it will
  10. i think you dont use tomato because, then you must clean it with water, it isnt caveman regeman. put your my skin alone. the water make your skin drier,then it is more oil on your face >>> acne breakout. sorry , my english is not good do you have a picture of your face befor and after ? donna =))
  11. oh, thank you donna, so How do you clear your dead skin ? And how often you do
  12. donna , i read "thelovevitamin", they said " no wash with water in 30 day". you wash face everyday, which one is better ???
  13. thank you, i want to try it, now