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  1. So I just finished my fourth month of Accutane, but my acne isn't fully gone. It's at the phase of getting better. During the first two months of Accutane I was on 60 mg, i got an IB during the first month that simmered down the second month, my derm then upped my dose to 70 mg for the third month, in which I got another IB for the 3rd month, after that, I got my dose upped again to 80mg during my 4th month and then I got another IB. I am about to start my 5th month and my derm upped my dose to
  2. For all the years you've been struggling with acne, I think it's worth a try. Nothing else is working and accutane is one of the most popular medication for severe acne, plus, the doctor usually makes you take a monthly blood test to make sure you're ok. Also, the side effects aren't as bad as you make them seem, it's rare to get depression from it, the only ones you will probably get is dry skin and lips.
  3. I just finished my 3rd month of accutane and I can notice my skin is starting to clear up a little bit. I know that this month it should be starting to clear up but I wanted to know how face it would clear up because I've seen that for some people, it goes away noticeably in one week. Is this true?
  4. Bad when I had that type of acne (before it got worse) my derm told me I should've used some benzoyl peroxide face cleanser, try clean and clear. Hope this helps
  5. Wash your face with a cleanser, pat dry, then apply ice for five minutes, stop for five minutes, then again until the ice melts.
  6. So taking a new brand won't change anything or give me a new IB?
  7. So I've been on Absorbica Accutane for three months now and I do not see any clear results of my face clearing up, except for some blackheads that went away. It's been hard because my doctor upped my dose from 60mg a day to 70mg after the second month and for the upcoming month he's deciding to put me on a generic brand of accutane. I feel like the medication isn't working half the time, I just wanted to know if anyone else went through the same situation as me and could give feed back. Also, is
  8. If you guys have any questions about my skin, my daily routine, my diet, or any other situation, feel free to ask me!
  9. First week, I started using Epiduo Forte nightly with a skin cleanser (cetaphil) and washed my face in the mornings with just the cleanser. My face looked the same but not really much to judge off of. I am also taking a acticlate 150mg tablet once daily. Second Week, My face was starting the beginning of the acne purge, it started to become a little noticeably worse. I was still doing the same routine, my face was becoming a little more red as well. Third Week, My face is noticeably worse than i
  10. I've been using Epiduo Forte (not anymore), so I wanted to start sharing how it is working out for me for those of you that are going to attempt to use it. Sadly, my doctor decided it was time i tried accutane, because of this, I will have to end my epiduo journey and create a new journey with accutane. Overall, I will say that epiduo has helped me on certain parts of my face, but not the parts that mattered the most to me.