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  1. The single best thing we've tried.

    Giving up milk is the single best thing we've tried for acne, and that includes oral and topical antibiotics, BP, teatree oil etc. The former meat lovers pizza forehead is now a few tiny whiteheads, barely visible. It's now about week 8 and the improvement has been gradual, but obvious from the start, so if you're going to try dairy free, give it at least 8 weeks. We are very strict. No milk chocolate, for instance. No cake, no butter or yoghurt and definitely no milk or cheese. We drink soy mil
  2. ketogenic sounds tough! For now, I'm seeing what happens by limiting added sugar to 20g /day and we'll take it from there. Limiting sugar is much easier than managing GI, which is already low in this house anyway, because its written on the pack.
  3. Yes all those things are full of sugar. No they are not high GI. You would think so, but lowfat yoghurt is 33, chocolate milk 37 and white chocolate 34. All low GI. And that's my point. We know from experience that those things are bad for acne, but if you subscribe to the high GI = lots of insulin = lots of acne, you will be misled. You could be merrily pigging out on chocolate, yoghurt and chocolate milk and wondering why your pimples are popping out all over. So the low GI story is not th
  4. Ok, I know I just posted a link to the free Mann diet book, and this looks a bit hypocritical but I've been thinking, and reading on this forum. Lots of people here are saying things like "One bite of chocky and my skin goes mad." The Mann diet is based on the concept of low GI keeps your insulin and IGF1 under control and therefore the diet includes sugary but low GI foods like lofat yoghurt and chocolate milk! On New Year's Day I ate white chocolate, strawberry milk and a white bread roll
  5. I decided after a disasterous Christmas to reduce my added sugar to 20g / day. That's say, 3 cookies, or 2 lindt balls, or 30g white chocolate etc. It's helping. And really helping to make myself aware of where the sugar is coming from and how much I'm eating, but .... in your experience, is that enough? Or do I have to reduce it to zero to get rid of the zits? I already eat a reasonabiy low GI diet but I do like my treats. Get a buddy on snapchat or some other instant communication th