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  1. I guess maybe; your body will change as you get older, hormones will change. This could bring an end to the acne, or it could make it worse. Sadly, while waiting for this chance you will waste the prime dating time of your life. I am 26 and only seeing a hopeful end after trying different combinations over a years span and some antibiotics to finally get a combo that seems to be working for me. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Will-neve...it-t169140.html
  2. 1) Do you wake up with ur face in the pillow? have my face in the pillow at some point in the night 2) Do you sleep with ur window cracked open? no 3) Do you sleep with ur heater on or off? ac or heat on.. constant temp in the room 4) Do you goto bed at around the same time everyday? give or take an hour 5) Do you set a bedtime for yourself, or do you just goto bed when you are too exhausted to keep your eyes open? when i am tired enough to fall asleep
  3. Dan, Instead of a removable sticker, how about an add-on one? Maybe a nice looking waterproof "daniel kern's regimen" sticker that would cover everything up.
  4. I say he will wait out most but not all the weekend before replying; probably reply saturday, then want to do something in the middle of the week. I assume he gave his number to see if you would bite... thus more likely to sleep with him. As per anything, if you go outand don't even kiss for a couple dates the guy will only stick around if seriously interested... or up for a serious challenge.
  5. Rather than doing it overnight, apply an hour before shower. If you start to feel burning you should have showered a bit sooner. Downside: if you apply and then forget or are unable to shower you are in for a bad burn from it.
  6. I have been through that. BP helped but was never able to finish the job. Due to bleaching I had to stop use. From my experience: bp is no longer needed except as a spot treatment. If anything gets very bad, I switch to neosporin over it until it subsides and don't pop it. Also, the AHA will not work alone. I back it up with H&S and SA. I suppose you could back it up with bp or whatever else you have had work best. It is my beleif that one treatment will not work anyway, the acne
  7. I looked everywhere and never found the alpha hydrox locally. You will have to get it online acne.org link to buy aha
  8. I am a big fan of the alpha hydrox enhanced lotion (glycolic acid). Expect the usual breakouts when starting with it. I rarely use bp now... and I could not use it anyway due to bleaching risk. This worked better for me too... really helped with red spots and seems to help the scarring thus far. For the dove, I like that too. Go act silly and smell all the bars and body wash's before buying so you know you can stand it. I have been getting the gentle exfoliating bar for about 6 months. I
  9. I have a crappy sheet over my good ones, and bad pillow cases on two pillows. Easy to go to nice sheets; without destroying them. Also, no all my stuff bleaches bad, even if it has colors, must be material or quality factors.
  10. I just trim leg hair with a 2 or 3 gaurd (clean shave would look to ghey and probably hurt). I have thick leg hair that will grow to at least 2 inches; I would look like a wookie otherwise.
  11. Why not wash your face immediatly after; should negate effects. On the other side of things... I confess that one of the higher reasons for dumping one girl was b/c she interfered with my regimine too much. (on a further note, lay of the bp if headin to someone elses bed with nice sheets; thats why I have aha as my main weapon now)
  12. I found it too irritating to leave on. I put on about a 50/50 mix with water an hour to hour and a half before showering, then wash with a little more in the shower. Apply other stuff topicals as needed after shower. Has not been overly drying now.
  13. Seems the same for me, I can use one thing, and it will work great for a while, then start to lose effectiveness. Now, I have four things, two seem to work great aha, and h&s. bp and sa work just a little. I kinda have been hitting in waves of twos, maybe the acne never knows what is hitting it. I guess logically, one major cause is bacteria. Whatever is killing it, or making undsireable conditions for it... the bacteria will eventually grow its numbers that are able to live in those co
  14. I guess this is three and a half weeks in, time really flew by. Did lower back for about 1.5 of that. Broke out and had some cysts as a result, and almost stopped. Well I broke out all over a few days later and got pissed and decided there was no going back, and just went all over with it. More break outs and a few more cysts again. Then about a week after that everything started clearing and it has been getting better ever since. My red marks have turned brown, which means they are hopefu