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  1. I know different products have different results for each person. I am not claiming this line is for everyone, but thank goodness it was my answer!!! How were you using the products and which line of Obagi were you using? For me, neutrogena did not work well. I needed the bp blended with other products in combo with sa. The wash actually feels cool and refreshing to me as does the pore therapy. My skin looks sooooo good. I get compliments on a daily basis. Good luck to you browneyedgirl.
  2. I am glad to hear your burning sensation is better. It is related to all the retin-a and the fact you have newer skin cells due to the nuderm line. I have never been on the nuderm line. My surgeon told me it was better to start with the Clenziderm and I could always add to it after my acne cleared. So, I never experienced the redness or burning. Like you said, I was instructed to only use one pump once a day. I use it at night since I also use hydrquinone in the a.m. to decrease old marks.
  3. cholman


    I needed to write in again for those who may not have seen my last entry. I have struggled with acne for years. It was after the birth of my second child that my acne became worse. I tried everything made. My husband said if this Obagi did not work, accept my acne and move on. Well, it worked!!!!!! I encourage anyone who has tried everything and still desires results to try this amazing product. I was unsure of the results I would get. My doctor who is also a plastic surgeon, recommended
  4. I have tried many different lines of mineral makeup online and cannot find one that does not seem to break me out. I am using Loreal minerals now. I love the coverage, but it seems to fade before the days end. Anyone with knowledge on the subject?
  5. It has been 2 weeks since initially starting the obagi. I did take a week off after getting the peel done. My face is 90-95% clear!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this stuff. My face is smooth and no new breakouts!! I think this combo is my answer!!!!
  6. I wanted to share with everyone my experience. I have had troubled skin since the birth of my second child. I had always had acne that I was able to control before. I have tried ever over the counter meds out there. My husband was to the point that he said "If the Obagi does not clear up your acne, promise me you will just accept it" I went to a plastic surgeon I work with and bought the 3 step kit. I had a chemical peel done prior to starting to rid my face of the dead skin and help demin
  7. I am on day 5 after chemical peel. Most of my skin has peeled with the exception of my hair line. My skin is looking much better and softer. It seems to help with the red and brown spots left from previous acne and dried up the new spots I had forming!!!!! I am using emu oil for a moisturizer for now. I can't use glycerine or alpha hydroxi while peeling. I can't wait to restart my obagi clenzaderm program on Friday. I will let you know how it turns out!!
  8. Ayla, what kind of mineral makeup do you use? I tried several from online companies and I did not like them. I currently use Loreal mineral and do O.K. with it. It does seem to wear off easily.
  9. Has anyone used emu oil for acne?
  10. I have had problems managing my acne after quitting breastfeeding my second child. I have tried everything without luck. My plastic surgen gave me Clenziderm from Obagi. I have been using this for one week and have had more luck with it. He said it takes a couple of weeks before really seeing the difference. I had a chemical peel done today to help remove the dead skin and dry up any stubborn lesions. This should help the Obagi to work better. It contains a liquid bp!!! In Sep. I plan to