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  1. I'm in the UK and this post seriously cheered me up until I got to the pharmacy and they refused to sell it to me! Apparently you're not to use it on cracked skin. I had been using Lanolin and switched to normal old Vaseline which helped massively, it was healed within two days. I'm only on 30mg Accutane a day though.
  2. Hi I'm 30yo and I've been taking Roaccutane (30mg) for about a month now. I'm doing ok so far, only symptoms are very dry lips and very slight flaking of skin on my face (mostly nose). In the first 2 weeks I had a lot of itching on my scalp, around my nose and forehead. This has calmed down now. Now to my question - I was planning on having a makeover and cutting my (very long brown) hair short and dying it red which I imagine would involve bleaching (i am going to a hairdresser). I just re